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How Tall Is Adam Saleh?

If you’re wondering how tall is Adam Saleh is, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out
His height, weight, body measurements, and net worth! Adam Saleh was born on June 4, 1993
and is 170 cm tall He has dual citizenship, being an American citizen and a citizen of Yemen.
His parents emigrated to the United States from Yemen when he was a baby. His parents are
both entrepreneurs and singers. His popularity grew rapidly after his music videos started
making the rounds on YouTube.

Adam Saleh’s height

The YouTuber Adam Saleh is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and wears shoe size 10 US. Born in
Brooklyn, NY, Adam is a native of the Gemini zodiac sign. His parents emigrated to the US
when he was a baby, and he is an American citizen. His parents are Yemeni, and his father is an
entrepreneur. He is married to a Yemeni woman named Suad. His net worth is estimated to be
around $16 million.
Aside from his role in American Sharia, Saleh also has a long list of other projects and
achievements. He made his film debut in American Sharia, a film directed by stand-up comedian
Omar Regan. He released his debut solo single, “Tears,” in August 2015, and his second single,
“Survivor,” in September. He released his third single, “Diamond Girl” in December 2016. Adam
Saleh’s height and weight are quite surprising considering his successful career and multiple

His hair color

You’re probably wondering what color Adam Saleh has on his head, but you’re probably not sure
which one to choose. Luckily, the actor has a very distinctive hair color and has been known to
change it several times throughout his life. You can read on to discover why the actor’s tresses
are so different from the norm. And now, you can get the scoop on his hair color, too!
First of all, Adam Saleh’s hair color is the result of his deep love for his tresses. It is a reflection
of this love and care, and is not just a fashion statement. Unlike many celebrities, Adam Saleh
has a huge fan base in the Muslim community. His social experiments have received over fifteen
million views on YouTube. He also made his first appearance on The Ellen Show, where he
discussed his teeming experience. Since then, Adam Saleh has released music on Naz
Promotions and GoldHeart Records.

His body measurements

If you’ve ever wondered how big or thin Adam Saleh is, now you can. You can learn about his
height, bra size, cup size, and shoe size, as well as his hips, waist, and weight. Read on to find
out more about Adam Saleh’s physique. In addition, you can also see the size of his bra, so you
can choose the right bra for him. There’s no need to worry about not being able to fit into your
favorite dress, either.
Born on 4 June 1993, Adam Saleh is a 26-year-old American YouTuber. He is of Yemeni
descent and wears shoe size 10 US. His hair and eyes are brown. His full name is Adam Mohsin
Yehya Saleh. He has five brothers and sisters. His younger brother is named Yousif. He has
three nieces and four nephews. Adam Saleh’s body measurements can be found in his bio

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His net worth
Adam Saleh is an American singer, boxer, and YouTube personality. His Vlogs YouTube
channel has over 4.78 million subscribers and features boxing matches, music, and trending
news. He has also boxed several times and has earned more than $7 million. Saleh was born on
June 4, 1993, in New York City. He has four younger brothers and three sisters. He has never
been married. His net worth is still unknown, but it is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.
Adam Saleh was born on June 4, 1993, in Brooklyn, NY. He started making YouTube videos
when he was 14 years old and later became a famous YouTuber. Today, his videos have
hundreds of thousands of views and he has an estimated net worth of $20 million. This makes
him a very versatile individual. While he has been a model, actor, and entrepreneur, his most
prominent role as a youtuber is on YouTube

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