Add New Effects to Your Walls with Faux Stone

Add New Effects to Your Walls with Faux Stone

Faux stone is a unique material that looks and feels like real stone without the bulk or price tag, and it is DIY-friendly, so you do not need to hire a contractor to install it. There are many fun and unique effects that you can add to your walls using faux stone to give a room a little personality. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can add faux stone to your walls.

Accent Wall

The accent wall is a classic interior design, where you do something different to a wall than the walls in the rest of the room. In this case, let’s say you have all the walls in your living room painted. You can install faux stone on one of the walls in the room, leaving the others as they were. This creates an accent wall that will draw the eye and impress guests. The accent wall is often done on a wall with a fireplace, fake fireplace, or TV on it since it draws the eye to these natural focal points in a room.


Wainscoting is a design tactic where you do something different with the bottom half of the wall. You can install faux stone wainscoting, leaving the top as paint, wood, wallpaper, or anything else. It can leave the room with a unique and elegant look.

Frame Your TV or Fireplace

If you want to frame your TV or fireplace with faux stone but do not want to create an entire accent wall, you can choose only to frame the TV or fireplace and leave the rest of the wall as is. This will draw focus to that area even more so than an accent wall will since it is in a smaller area.

Give a Small Sign or Painting a Background

A fun and unique wall effect you can do with faux stone is to take just a panel or two and install it as the background for a little sign or painting. This gives it a unique and fun look without requiring extensive work to install it. If you have some faux stone left over after installing it elsewhere in your home, you can use those leftovers for something like this project. Depending on the style of the sign or the painting, you can use brick veneer as a wall accent instead of faux stone. The brick can give it a classic, timeless look that you may prefer when hanging it behind a sign or art.

Highlight an Interior Water Feature

Do you have an indoor fountain up against a wall in your home? You can give it a more natural look and feel by installing faux stone behind it. This can be as big of a project as you want it to be, but this is a fun and simple project.

Dress Up a Ceiling Overhang

Do you hate the way the wall just below your ceiling looks? You can change it with faux stone. It is essentially like doing a trim project, but it is easier and can draw the eye.

Accent Corners and Room Transitions

If you want to get really creative with faux stone, you can add it to the corners and ceiling of a room as it transitions into the next room. This is a unique look that will stand out and draw the eye.

Final Thoughts

There are many fun and unique wall effects that you can do with faux stone, and many projects can be done in a single weekend. It is a durable material that will last, and it is something you can proudly show off to guests. 

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