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Getting UK Virtual Phone Numbers for Your Business

This article will describe how virtual numbers work in addition to how one can purchase UK virtual phone numbers.

A virtual number is actually a phone number.

A virtual number is essentially an ordinary phone number. There is only one difference: a virtual phone number isn’t connected to any physical lines or SIM cards.

Similar to regular numbers, you may make use of a virtual number to make and receive calls from your smartphone or laptop (using free applications). Thus, anyone who calls your UK virtual phone number will be able to experience the same thing as calling a normal local phone number. Furthermore that when you call your phone number, the receiver will see your number prior to receiving the call.

You can get your UK phone number right away via CallHippo here.

Different Types Of Numbers

There are two kinds of virtual numbers are available throughout the United Kingdom:

  1. toll-free numbers The name implies the numbers do not charge the callerfor calls, as they’re situated within the UK. Toll-free virtual numbers within the United Kingdom start with either 0800 or 0808 and the person who owns the number is charged an additional cost per minute for each call made.
  2. Cities Numbers The UK has around forty area code. In addition, there is the national destination code, which is a four-digit number as well as a subscribe number.

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Who is able to purchase a UK virtual phone number?

Anyone from all over the world can purchase a UK virtual phone number within a matter of minutes. You do not have to be a UK citizen or a resident of the UK to buy the UK number. However, the service you select may require proof of your address and identity.

Try A UK VoIP Number Free

Try a UK VoIP service for no cost for a few weeks by beginning a no-cost trial right now. If you are satisfied with the service and the way it functions you may decide for it to remain. If you do not take action, the number will immediately be deleted, and there will be no further cost to you.

How much will a UK virtual phone number Cost?

The cost of the Virtual UK number is determined by the following components:

  1. Monthly Rate The monthly rate could go as low as just $20 per month, if you select CallHippo.
  2. Forwarding Costs Forward calls wherever at local call rates that you pay through us.
  3. add-on services CallHippo lets users select from a variety of high-end add-ons, such as call analytics speech recognition and call tracking that you can utilize depending on the needs of your business.

Answering Calls

The most effective way to respond to any calls coming in for your UK virtual phone number is to forward calls to your landline or mobile number. Therefore, all calls to that number will automatically be directed to the number that you have chosen.

If you receive a forwarding call via your VoIP phone you will be able to instantly see the caller’s number and the virtual number they called. The good news is that global call forwarding permits you to make calls at local rates, and you can save cash.

Alongside call, forwarding are other alternatives like voice broadcasting or voicemail, group call, and more. These are options you are able to take advantage of.

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Making Calls

You can make calls using the UK virtual phone number by using our no-cost iOS, Android, or web-based application. You can add contacts from your existing ones into the application, or upload call lists for your company, and then, once you’re set you can make calls to any number you want with just a click.

The person you’re calling can view your UK virtual phone number automatically. But, you can select whether you want to show your CallHippo number or your normal phone number. Calls that you make will be charged at the local UK rates.


You can send text messages for local charges using your local numbers. Toll-free numbers aren’t compatible with using SMS features. You can however opt to have your SMS sent to your email account

Voice Response

If you’d prefer to add an interactivity audio response(IVR) for your UK virtual phone number You can do this through either the business plan or upgrading to Premium service. It is also possible to use voice broadcasting to announce events and menus for users, and also give them voicemail numbers.

Text-to-speech, call transcription, and speech analytics may be utilized with a digital phone. You can also create personalized messages and upload scripts to both your phone and your desktop.

Call Recording

Start making recordings of your calls to business to ensure improved training and performance with our “Silver” and “Gold plans offered by CallHippo. We also ensure that you are in compliance with the local laws and regulations of the country you’re calling from, and that of the individual to who you are talking.

Subscription Plans

We have three different pricing plans that can be adapted to various business requirements:

  1. Bronze Beginning at $15 per month for this service, the plan by CallHippo includes features like SMS voicemail, voicemail campaigns management, and performance monitoring, and more, in exchange for your virtual phone number.
  2. Silver Silver: Our Silver plan begins at just $24 per month. It offers advanced options like IVR the ability to queue calls, internally team call as well as call cascading, holiday routing call tagging, and more. You can also opt to have your reports sent via email.
  3. Platinum: This incredibly popular plan begins at only $40 per month and comes with an array of features that are advanced like the power dialer and audio broadcasting and multi-level IVR whispering calls, and even call barging. It also allows you to analyze your calls more effectively with the ability to record calls automatically and create intelligent reports.

How To Get A UK Phone Number?

To obtain a UK virtual number in just less than a minute Follow the steps below:

  1. Join with CallHippo
  2. Choose that the United Kingdom as the country that you’re interested in.
  3. Select the city or state for your virtual phone number.
  4. Pick the most convenient local UK telephone # or toll free number.
  5. Select the plan and features that you require to make the payment.
  6. Get started taking advantage of you UK VoIP number services right away and start making calls with the virtual phone number.


A virtual number located in the UK opens up a variety of possibilities that you can use for business telephone number services. Not only will you be able to serve your clients more efficiently, but you will also reduce your operational expenses and increase customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, features like worldwide call forwarding, power dialer global connect, adjustable IVR menus available through CallHippo will further enhance your company’s image and its positioning.

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