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Business, technology, health, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, entertainment, fashion, jewelry, education, essay writing, travel, sports, real estate, law, and many more.

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Articles on adults, casinos, gambling, drugs, online pharmacy, vaping, dating, religion, and weaponry.


Unique, plagiarized-free, informational, and non-promotional articles are required.

The article should be at least 600 words long and created from scratch.

There is a limit of Two do-follow link per page.

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Thank you for visiting the ideasvibe.com Write for Us page! We appreciate your interest in writing for us, but there are some restrictions. Contribute to our collective understanding. Please consider submitting an article to us if you have any knowledge or insight into any of the following areas or themes:
If you want to write for us, you should first familiarise yourself with our content format criteria.
write articles for our website about “what,” “How-to,” “Tips,” or “Top list” themes, and so on. Include content that has been thoroughly studied and that is based on polls, surveys, and research studies conducted by the recognized platform. “Write for Us + Technology” is a phrase that means “write for us with technology.”
It’s a wonderful feeling to be inspired. What about plagiarism, though? To say the least, it’s a resounding no! Only recommendations that were fully original and written with zeal would be considered. Please provide correct credit to the author if you are discussing another work in any way. Plagiarized content will be removed from the site as soon as possible. “Write for Us + General” is a phrase that means “write for us with all niches.”
The number of words you can use in an article is strictly limited. However, any article with more than 1000 words will suffice! Furthermore, we place a greater emphasis on certain topics, niches, or themes that are relevant to our website’s SEO.

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It is essential to follow these guidelines in order for getting your content published. These guidelines will assist you to compose for us. Whatever subject you write about These guidelines are applicable to all types of topics and content types. If you are using a sponsored post or guest-posting platform, it is essential to keep the high quality of your content to create an impression that lasts for a long time on your readers. Here are some tips to follow when creating content for us:

High-Quality Content For Write For Us

  • Content must be unique, original, and of high quality.
  • Content must be free of plagiarism and grammatically correct before it can be reviewed and considered for publication.
  • The content concept must be original and the content must be educational.
  • Content should not be promoted.

You can pitch your content/guest post/sponsored post at [email protected].


You can submit your guest post at [email protected].

Your guest post or sponsored post will be subject to the steps below starting with sending your pitch for publication.

  • If you’ve completed an article that you have sponsored or guest posted, now is the time to send your post to Ideas Vibe.
  • In this article, we’ll help you navigate the entire procedure step-by-step, from submission to the final publication of your guest blog.
  • If you send us an email with your guest blog, it will be read and analyzed by our editorial team.
  • The best method is to upload Google documents because it permits editors to give feedback on the draft. If the editor believes that your article is in conformity with the standards set by our website, the post will be sent to our team for further scrutiny.
  • The review team meets every week. reviewers from the team will discuss your guest blog post. If the reviewers decide to consider your guest post worthy of publication The editor will contact you. The editor will work together with you to address the feedback provided by the review team.
  • After you have responded to your comments, you’ll return the post to us.
  • We will go over the changes to see whether you’ve addressed all of the issues.
  • If your guest blog is chosen to be published The editor will inform you by email. After publication, we’ll email you the URL to your article.

You must know that we’re inviting you to create guest posts for us. However, to be published as guest posts, they need to be able to meet the standards we set for them. If you are able to create interesting content, you are invited to submit your articles. Once we have received approval from our team of reviewers and editors, we will then publish your sponsored article on our website and will notify you by email.


Our non-discrimination policy gives every person regardless of color or religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, nationality, and political point viewpoint, to contribute guest posts and sponsored blog posts for us. We adhere to our non-discrimination policy very seriously and strictly. Discrimination and discrimination have been rotting our society for many centuries. It’s time to stop this once and for all. We invite all to contribute to our writing and join the vast Ideas Vibe community.