7 Reasons to Move to Hamilton

As one of the biggest cities in Ontario, Hamilton is well known for its green space and natural beauty. There is also a wide range of homes for sale in Hamilton, meaning that there is something for every taste and price range.

If you are questioning why anyone might want to live in Hamilton, here are seven of the top reasons.

1. Affordability

Hamilton has benefitted from the high home prices in Toronto, with many moving to Hamilton from that city because of the more reasonable housing prices. The average cost of a detached home in Hamilton is around $500,000, but there is much decent quality housing available in the $300 and $400,000 range, making housing affordability one of the cheapest among the major cities in Canada.

2. Location and Transportation

Being a port city with a population of around (750,000) it is found about forty-five minutes’ drive from Toronto and less than an hour to Niagara Falls. Located within Canada’s golden horseshoe, this is the most industrialized and populated area in the country.

Accessible via two major highways and with its international airport, you can easily find your way to the city.

3. The Steel Industry

The city has maintained a strong economy because of the steel industry which produces almost 60% of all steel made. This makes the industry a major employer and provides stability to the labor market.

4. College and university education

Education is another driving force in the Hamilton economy with many colleges and universities located in the city.

Mohawk College is one of the top government-funded colleges in the area, specializing in healthcare and technology. Redeemer university is a small Christian literary and arts university, and McMaster University features a world-renowned medical school ranked among the top one hundred in the world.

5. Hamilton’s Healthcare

With seven hospitals which collectively rank high in healthcare and medical research worldwide, the city has been named the best in Canada for hospitals.

In the event of a medical emergency, you can be confident of receiving quality healthcare without having to travel far.

6. Festivals

The fun side of the city is reflected in the many festivals it hosts that meet most tastes. The festival of friends has been celebrated every year since 1975, the fringe festival celebrates music, as does another music festival which is the largest in Canada and free, while there is also a food and drink festival for foodie lovers.

7. Waterfalls

With more than 140 waterfalls and cascades in the area, it’s not surprising that Hamilton is sometimes referred to as the waterfall capital of the world. Some of the more famous waterfalls are called webster, buttermilk, sherman, tiffany, chedoke and tews falls.

In addition to these reasons to live in Hamilton, the city also features some fun places to visit regardless of whether you are a tourist or a local. These include:

  • African lion safari – over 50 years old and home to over a thousand exotic species of animals and birds that roam freely.
  • Royal Botanical Gardens – with over 2,700 acres of gardens and a nature sanctuary, it is Canada’s largest and most popular botanical garden. 
  • Hamilton’s Farmers Market – the farmer’s market on York boulevard has run since 1837 and is open all year round with about 60 vendors selling local, national and international foods.
  • The Niagara Escarpment – as one of the world’s natural wonders, it is a true representation of nature’s beauty, overlooking Hamilton with beautiful views of the city from the top of the escarpment.
  • The Dundun Castle – the iconic castle is about 18,000 feet in size and took about three years to build in 1835. The 40-room castle features gas, lighting, and water which were the latest home conveniences at that time.

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