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How One Online Company Is Using Tech To Make Creating Wedding Save The Dates Easy

From the moment you have that ring on you, you want to screen into the world and let them know you are getting married. However, there are many things you have to go through before you announce the day of your wedding to everyone you know. Of course, you can always talk to them and give them a heads up of what is coming their way. But the formal invitation needs a lot of work beforehand.

Save the date wedding cards are a more informal and casual invite to let your guests know the date for the primary wedding day so that they can adjust their schedules accordingly and be comfortably available for your wedding festivities. It is less formal than the final invite that is later sent to the guests. Save the date cards are significant for your friends coming from far-off places, as they would have to book flight tickets and plan accordingly. These save-the-date cards online are way more personal and casual.

We have curated this article that helps you understand most aspects of save-the-date cards, from what to keep in mind while making them to how you can create the save-the-date cards online on your own with the help of technology and online companies.


Let’s understand what makes for a great save-the-date card

Short and Sweet

Save the date wedding cards are usually kept short and sweet. The main focus is to announce the final date of marriage that has been decided for your guests. There is no need for long formal texts or any irrelevant information – the aim is to send across the message so that your guests can be available on the dates decided. You can send these save the dates cards online and set the first point of interaction about the wedding.

Personalized approach

Save the date wedding cards are sent mainly to the people you share a close bond with and have a more personal level of interaction with. Specifically, you can be sure that this would include all your close ones like family and friends. So with these cards, you have the liberty to take a more personal approach and include details about your journey with your close ones. Lauren Watts from believes that adding short stories about your romantic relationship or other quirky information is ideal for incorporating excitement into your save-the-date card.

Now that you have a fair idea of how to go about making save-the-date invites, the following is a list of online tools that can help you create the best save-the-date cards online!


Canva is one of the most commonly used online design tools for creating different designs. The website provides various tools and templates for creating different posters, invites, resumes, and a lot more. Their interface is easy to understand and offers a host of options for you to choose from, from dropping images, picking wedding fonts, and changing colors to any other elements of designing. The easy-to-understand tools and the clear layouts make Canva one of the best websites for designing boho save the date cards online.


Fotojet is another online app you can use to create the most magnificent save-the-date cards online. Fotojet is a graphic design and photo editing tool that you can use to create the best designs for anything you might need. The tool is straightforward to use and can be easily mastered by beginners without prior experience in design tools. Its ease can enable you to quickly design and save the date wedding cards online!


Save the date cards are simple and informal invites that create the buzz for the wedding celebrations and help your close friends and family feel valued. Any sort of creativity while making the save-the-date wedding cards online is sure to be greeted with plenty of praises. So we suggest you don’t stress too much about it and create a simple and personal save-the-date card that carries the essence of your beautiful journey and sets the right tone for the wedding.

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