5 SEO Factors to Grow your Website

5 SEO Factors to Grow your Website

Are you struggling with all the SEO factors Google rolls out for your website growth? If yes, then your eyes are on the right page.

It is true that Google hits us with new SEO ranking factors every year and keeping with them to rank our website is mandatory but difficult.

But, if we actually know how to dance with Google SEO ranking factors, we can take our website to the heights of search engine result pages.

The question here is, how to move with SEO factors? 

As we know the internet is loaded with tons of content on SEO factors but we cannot perform all the SEO factors because it demands thorough knowledge, time, and experience. 

Also, catching up with all the latest and upcoming ranking factors is not what an individual can do solely therefore, we decided to help you all.

If you are tired of learning SEO ranking factors but don’t know where and how to start, stop worrying!

In this post, we will discuss the 5 most crucial SEO factors that you need to grow your website. For now, stop scrolling other sites just focus on these 5 factors and see the results yourself.

So, without any further ado let’s get started!

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors to Grow your Website in 2022

  1. Safe and Easy to Access Website

There is no surprise that a secure website is what comes first for Google and its crawlers. If your website is not safe and is not accessible easily then there is no point in practicing other SEO factors.

In simple words, we can say that it is the foremost SEO factor, your website URL must be of the right type because it is what Google needs to crawl your site.

The right kind of URL does not just help Google but also visitors. Make your URLs simple and they must contain keywords that describe the content within your site.


Suppose, you are searching for information about weight gain tips, a URL like “https://everyonehealth.com/weightgain” will be great for your site growth as it will help visitors click on your site immediately.

To make your site accessible for Google there is a thing that will be flattering for your website’s success, it is:

  • Make sure you generate a robots.txt file, it is not visitors but is super important if you want Google to access and find all your website pages.
  1. High-Quality Optimized Content

Once your website is secure and easy to access, the next thing that needs your attention is the content. 

Undoubtedly, content is everything for the success and growth of a site because the visitors who visit your site need high-quality and fresh content that is really informative.

It would not be wrong to say that optimized content is one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors, but what does optimized content really mean?

Optimized content is unique that has no plagiarism because for a search engine like Google, fresh and unique content is always appreciable.

If you don’t have time to write content using your unique words, do not go for plagiarized content, and don’t steal from your competitors.

As it will negatively affect your site’s SEO. Instead of stealing, use a paraphraser to give a newfound way to existing content.

It is not wrong to say that a paraphraser will surely save you time and effort like you don’t need to invest your anything while paraphrasing.

Another thing is keywords, they are of great importance for SEO because Google display results based on the words and phrases people type, those words and phrases are keywords.

Make sure your content includes keywords that are profitable to you. Do some research before writing content and observe what are the ranking keywords and how people are using them to search on Google.

Try to include both long-tail and short-tail keywords as they are highly important to rank content at the top of SERPs.

  1. Speed of Web Pages

The speed of web pages is among the leading SEO factors even in 2022. According to a source, 95% of people fail to make their websites past the first page of Google, and slow-loading web pages are one of the reasons why. 

If you want to grow your website ranking make sure you improve the user experience of your site and you can do it by making your web pages fast loading.

In 2018, Google made it pretty clear that websites that are slow to load on mobile devices could be penalized. 

So, if you don’t want to annoy Google’s algorithm make sure your website loads fast even on mobile devices.

You can use different tools to check your site speed, try to use compressed images on your site as heavy images really disturb the speed of web pages.

  1. High-Quality Links

Links are necessary because a site with quality links tends to gain a higher rank on a search engine. 

Basically, links are signals to Google, they tell Google which sites rank for which keyword, and whether the site is an authoritative resource.

Links are of three types:

  • Inbound Links
  • Internal Links
  • Outbound Links  

Inbound links are signals that tell Google how relevant and authorized your content is and while you get inbound or backlinks make sure they are from high-quality sites.

You also need to demonstrate that the content you’re producing is of high quality for your target audience. To do this, you should make use of outbound links by pointing your site’s audience to other high-quality sites in your field.

And finally, connecting within your own content can improve the quality of each page for both Google and your viewers. 

The linking of one authoritative page to another on the same site not only facilitates the accessibility of the linked-to page but also confers some of the authority of the linking page upon the linked-to page.

In simple words, all three types of links can help boost the ranking of your site but what’s important is that the links should be worthy and of high quality.

  1. Improve your Site User Experience

Last but not least, providing an improved user experience should always be your top-notch priority because Google’s ranking algorithm Rankbrain specifically analyzes a website’s user experience in order to rank it.

If you want the visitor to spend a long time browsing your website improved user experience is what makes it possible.

Google takes visitors’ time browsing a website for ranking a website because it tells Google that the visitor is getting quality and relevant information from that site therefore, the longer the visitor stays on your site the better your SEO ranking.

To improve the user experience make sure to:

  • Your website pages are consistent.
  • Use lightweight images.
  • Write catchy and targeted headlines.
  • Fix and remove 404 errors.
  • Your website should be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Wrap up

In a nutshell, ranking a website has become a challenge in 2022 because of the massive online competition but the right strategy is all you need to out beat your competitors and grow your site at top of SERPs.

If you apply the above-discussed SEO ranking factors to your site, you can definitely hit the scales in your favor.

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