How to Get a US Virtual Phone Number

How to Get a US Virtual Phone Number from a Different Country?

Making hundreds (or likely hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of phone calls in the US is expensive when your company is located out of the US. And we understand that nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for phone bills. But the good thing is that you don’t need to.

With a US virtual phone number, you can reach your US customers with local rates, regardless of the state you’re situated in. Additionally, virtual numbers can help you establish confidence with your customers and improve the likelihood of conversions.

What exactly is a virtual number? How do you obtain a US virtual phone number? And why do you need to?

In this article, we’ll be able to answer these questions. Let’s dive right in.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual number is identical to a traditional phone number, however, it is not tied to a particular device or SIM. You can use the virtual number through the vendor’s website or mobile app so long you’re connected to the internet.

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A single of the most significant advantages of VoIP numbers can be that they don’t need the user to be physically in (or reside) within the US for a US number. Additionally, you can select the location (or cities) that you would like to have the number of. Anyone calling the number from your US number will get a similar experience to call the local number.

For instance, the area code for New York is 646, and that of Washington DC is 202. You may opt to purchase an area code of 646 for your business if the principal target market is New York or 202 number in case you wish to target those who reside in Washington DC.

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Types of Virtual Numbers

There are two main kinds of virtual numbers that are available in the US including local and toll-free.

  • Local telephone numbers In the above paragraph the numbers are tied to cities and start by a area number. For instance, 646 is for New York, 202 for Washington DC, 213 for Los Angeles, etc. There are many area codes across the US and you are able to select any one you like.
  • Call-free toll free numbers They begin with numbers like 800, 833 855 or 888 and are similar. They permit your customers to talk to you via phone at no cost. But you’ll be charged each minute.

Who Can Buy a US Virtual Number?

Anybody in the world is able to purchase a US virtual phone number. It is not necessary to be a US citizen or even live within the US to purchase the number. But, depending on your VoIP service provider you may have to show the ID of your employer or proof of address (irrespective of the location or country you reside in).

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Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number for Your Business

Here are the top advantages to consider investing in a virtual number.

1. Cost-Effective

Purchase of the US telephone number is inexpensive and simple. If you look at the price of buying a number versus creating a company in the US this is an alternative that’s worth considering. Additionally, when you call a US client using the virtual number it will appear as an actual local business calling. In turn, it is easier to promote your services and products.

2. Eliminate Geographical Boundaries

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re in, you can obtain a US telephone number. Your customers are able to call you at any time. This gives your company an advantage in the global market.

Additionally, virtual phone number system providers help to reduce lost calls by allowing users to configure call forwarding. Also, no missed calls mean that you don’t miss business opportunities.

3. Easy to Set Up

It’s only about three to five minutes to obtain a US call number. All you have to do is reach out to an organization and register for their services then select a phone number, choose an option, and you’re good to go. It’s easy to get started by dialing the number.

4. Highly Scalable

If you want to expand your business into the US and the US, you’ll likely require numerous phone numbers (of different zones). A VoIP provider will be able to meet your requirements without having to shell out a large sum. Additionally, you can connect as many people to the phone number you wish which makes scaling much easier.

5. Call Recording

Recording calls is essential to be considered, particularly when you enter an unfamiliar market. This will help you to ensure that you are in compliance with federal and local laws as well as allow you to better understand your customers more effectively.

For instance, by using the recording of calls, instance, you are able to identify which keywords and phrases your customers search for the most, their most frequent concerns, and the frequency with which they refer to your competitors.

Use these tips to help train your employees to deal with customers better and improve the conversion rate.

How to Get a US Virtual Phone Number?

The process of getting a US virtual phone number is simpler than ever. All you need be able to accomplish is

  • Join using an virtual number provider.
  • Choose your area or city zip code within the US.
  • Select a telephone number you like.
  • Choose a plan that best suits your requirements.
  • Pay the bill, and you’re done.

There are many companies offering free virtual numbers on the market that can give you a better understanding of the way it functions. But, the benefits that you can get from a free virtual number could be restricted.

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