20 PlayStation 5 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

20 PlayStation 5 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

20 PlayStation 5 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features are written below:

1. Learn How to Turn Off the PS5

It’s possible to scoff at this tip. What is the most difficult thing you can do to switch off your console? I certainly didn’t have to spend the time to find the button … in case that’s your suggestion! The answer is that you have to hit the PlayStation button located in the center of your controller and don’t press it as hard as you would with the PS4. When you press the button, the menu will pop out at the bottom and you’ll notice the power icon to the left. It wraps around so it’s easier to go left.

It is also possible to press the physical power button that is located on the hardware located on the bottom of the console in the case of vertical play or to the left of the console in the event that your PS5 is horizontally mounted on the media console.

2. Transfer Files and Games From Your PS4

If you’re moving from a PS4 and you’re planning to upgrade, then you’ll be able to transfer settings, games as well as other files to the new console. It will prompt you to do this when you set up and if you missed it, you’ll have the option to return and complete it later. Before you begin making your first move, it’s recommended to connect both consoles together and on using the Ethernet cable for connecting to each other (you could also connect them via Wi-Fi but it’s slower).

If you’re ready then go into settings in the PS5 Then, the System menu, then System Software. Select data transferContinue and select your PS4. If the message to prepare to Data Transfer pops up you must press your power button on your PS4 for a couple of seconds until it chirps. Choose the file you want to transfer over and select to start the transfer.

3. See How Long You’ve Played a Game

It’s now simpler than ever before to track the hours you’ve spent playing PlayStation games. Select your avatar in the top-right corner of the home screen of your PlayStation 5 and choose the Profile Then click go to the games tab. You’ll be able to see your total playtime for each game, with progress for the trophy to the right.

4. Make Sure You’re Playing the PS5 Version of a Game

While it’s wonderful to use PS4 games with the PS5 however, it could cause some confusion sometimes. Certain games from the past are now enhanced to play on the newer consoles which is why you should make sure that you’re playing the most recent version to get the most enjoyable experience. Check out the title of the game on the main screen. The game’s PS4 version will display PS4 in front of it. Scroll to right, select the Game Library and then click on the sort and filter icon to the left, and then sort your games according to the platform.

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5. Tweak Your Controller Settings

PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is fantastic and is an impressive improvement from DualShock 4. DualShock 4. The tactile feel of the triggers as well as the wide range of vibrations increases the sense of immersion. It alters dynamically depending on the game’s on-screen actions. The default settings work for me, however, If you’d like to lessen the intensity of the trigger or vibration effects, you can do so by going to the Settings menu > accessories > controllers. Because you can use your previous DualShock 4 controllers to play PS4 games on the PS5 There’s also the option here to decrease the intensity of their indicators.

6. Get More Immersive Sound With 3D Audio

One of the most notable features of PS5 is 3D Audio. PS5 features 3D Audio, which enables game makers to connect audio effects to the environment surrounding you to create the impression that you’re in the world, but you’ll need headphones or earbuds to get the advantage of this feature. 3D Audio is on by default and you can connect your headphones to your controller and you’ll notice the difference instantly. You’ll have to set it up to your ears by going to Settings > Audio Output. Under you will find the possibility to enable 3D Audio to select the option to adjust the 3D Audio profile and select the one that best sounds to you. You can choose from five available levels.

7. Play Astro’s Playroom, Then Delete It

Every PS5 includes Astro’s Playroom installed which is well worth a look. The fun 3D platformer is packed with PlayStation references that give you the feeling of nostalgia and warmth, however, it also is a fantastic job at showing off the capabilities of the brand new DualSense controller can do. Once you’re done you can clear more than 11 gigabytes worth of storage space by searching for the game and then deleting it settings > storage > consoles > games and apps. But don’t fret, you can download it again at no cost through PlayStation Store. PlayStation Store.

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8. Get More Storage Space

One way the PS5 is superior to the PS4 is through an extremely fast SSD. (SSD) to store data. Segmentation of games and the reduction in the requirement for duplicate data can mean that game downloads are less, however, you could still use the available space of 667 gigs quickly if playing a lot of games. Sony includes an expansion slot in the internal storage which allows you to connect any certified M.2 SSD drive. Learn how to add the internal PS5 storage. It is also possible to plug in the external SSD or HDD that is compatible with USB 3.0 or greater into the USB connection on the PS5. However, you are able to play PS4 games that are stored on the external drive.

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9. Choose Your Game Presets

You can cut down on time in setting up games according to your preferences by heading into Settings > Saved Data, Game/App Settings Game Settings. You can choose the game difficulty you like as well as select between graphic and performance and alter camera movement to suit third-person and first-person choices and change the default controls to inverted.

10. Save Power

Sometimes, you have pulled away from your game and forget that you left your console turned on. To avoid using too much energy or draining the battery of your controller you must go into the Settings menu > System and Power Saving. You can choose how long your PS5 should be in Rest Mode and have your controllers shut off after a specified time without input. In this case, if you’re done with multiplayer games but your co-player is keen to continue gaming or you would like to switch a controller off without shutting off the PS5 You don’t need to look through the menus. You simply press your PS button for 10 seconds.

11. Capture Screenshots and Videos (or Don’t)

Sony is incorporated with the ability to record footage and screenshots from games, and also the ability to broadcast. All you need to do is click the Create button located on the left side of the controller touchpad. It will create a screenshot when you hold it for a few seconds and hold it for a few seconds, however, you can alter the default settings by clicking the Settings menu > Captures and Broadcasts Captures.

It is important to know that one thing to note is that the PS5 automatically records video and a photo of every trophy. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I had over three gigabytes of these files in the Media Gallery. To alter this, or turn off the feature, go on to settings > Broadcasts and Captures Trophies.

12. Set Up Remote Play

It’s likely that you’ll need to install your PS5 on the big screen within your home however this could create tension when you have guests over and your kids want to play or when someone is looking to watch a movie while others want to play simultaneously. It’s possible to play games with remote Play is the answer you’ve been looking for. It can be turned on through Settings > Remote Play > System. This feature allows you to stream the action from your PS5 to the PS4, a PC or Mac, or even smartphones.

13. Guard Against Spoilers

The world is full of spoilers, and yet on the home screen of PS5 as well as menus are filled with images that could reveal information regarding the particular game that you’re enjoying. To stay clear of spoilers, head to the Settings menu > Saved Data, Game/App settings, and then Spoiler Warnings. You’ll be warned about things that are identified by developers as possible spoilers, by default. However, you can boost that to include anything that you’ve never seen on the progress you’re making in the game (why isn’t this standard?). It’s only available for PS5 games.

14. Remote Control Your PS5 With the Mobile App

It’s worth installing the updated PlayStation App ( Android or iOS) on your smartphone. It lets you access your account, allows users to communicate with your PlayStation Network (PSN) friends as well as provides the latest information, and lets you navigate through the PlayStation Store. Plus you can initiate downloads or updates via remote, control storage space, and sign up and play games, provided you have a PS5 is on.

15. Consider Automatic Updates and Rest Mode

To ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest software To ensure you are up-to-date, make sure your system and games are updated automatically. This is the standard behavior, but you may look it up in the Settings menu, System > Software Updates, and System Settings. For games, head into Settings > Saved data and game/app settings and choose Automated Updates.

If you’re finished playing, you can put your PS5 in Rest Mode instead of turning it off. It’s as easy as hitting the PlayStation button and selecting an option that is the Power icon. When you are in Rest Mode, your PS5 will download updates, charge the controllers connected to it and offer you the option of controlling remotely through the PlayStation App. PlayStation App. You can modify the way Rest Mode is doing by going to Settings > Power Saving > System Features that are available when in the Rest Mode.

16. Stop Annoying Pop-Up Notifications

A pop-up message telling you that someone you know just was online or that the download is ended can ruin your enjoyment in the game you’re playing or in the film you’re watching. It’s a good thing that it’s simple to determine the time, if any, you’d like pop-up notifications. Click from the Settings tab located at the top of the home screen, and select notifications. You can select the notifications you would like to receive and choose whether they show in between videos, games, or broadcasts.

17. Try Free Games and Trials

If you think that buying the PS5 made you feel like a complete mess you shouldn’t be worried. There are plenty of games for free and a trial for free to keep you entertained while you save. Go to the PlayStation Store at the top left corner of the home screen, and then go into the Browse tab. To the left, select the downward arrow, which will open the filter options. Select Price and tick the box which says “Free”.

Click on The Subscribers tab on the PlayStation Store, and you are also able to get a no-cost 14-day test of PS Plus. PS Plus service, which lets you play online multiplayer, and includes a few free games per month. Be aware that the service will automatically be billed when you’ve completed 14 days if you do not end the trial.

18. Customize Your Control Center

Control Center Control Center pops up when you hit the PS button. It gives you a few shortcuts as well as an options menu for power. However, you don’t need to use the default menu. Click the PS button to launch Control Center. Tap the PS button to open Control Center and then tap the Options buttons. Then you can use the X to select an icon, and then utilize the D-pad to move it left or right, or to lower it to block this icon from Control Center altogether.

19. How to Fix Audio for Blu-rays and DVDs

The first time we sat on a 4K Blu-ray using the PS5 I spent about half one hour trying to figure out the audio since parts in the surround sound weren’t when we watched. However, the sound settings on Blu-rays as well as DVDs are not available in the standard PS5 settings for the system. The disc player comes with its specific audio output settings. to locate these settings, insert the disc, and click the Options button on your DualSense controller or Media Remote. A menu will open at the bottom of the screen and you need to choose the icon with three dots followed by the Settings tab, then Audio Format, and then change the format to Bitstream.

20. Get Game Help When You Are Stuck

Everybody gets stuck in games from one time to the other. Although it’s simple to find both text and video walkthroughs on the internet, finding the exact hint you require isn’t always easy and there’s the distinct chance of spoilers. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, some PS5 games come with an in-built feature known as Game Help that can guide you through the process which has you confused. Click the PS button to launch the Control Center where you’ll find the cards in a row. Select the one which reveals the level that you’re stuck at and you’ll be able to see hints to the mission you’re working on, as well as images and text describing what you need to do, as well as a video explaining how to accomplish the goal. To help you it is possible to pin the top of the page to your screen and refer back to it during your game.

After you’ve set the PS5 according to your preference You can begin playing. Are you wondering what games to explore? This is our top PS5 games as well as our top picks of the most enjoyable PS4 game titles. Enjoy gaming!

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