Make Your Living Room Deluxe Without Hurting Your Wallet

Make Your Living Room Deluxe Without Hurting Your Wallet

Celebrity house tours have become more popular in recent years. While these celebs flaunt their luxurious homes, we’re left to watch in amazement how a living space can be so beautiful. 

Perhaps you’ve also picked up a few pegs on how you want your rooms to turn into the same spaces of sophistication. But you don’t always have the money to spend on expensive furniture and materials, much more on renovating the entire house. 

However, you can focus on one part of your home at a time and opt for more affordable ways to elevate this to the level of sophistication ye want.

Let’s start with the space everyone uses: the living room.

5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Deluxe Without Hurting Your Wallet

Here are five ways to turn your living room into an elegant space while keeping track of your expenses to stay within your budget!

  1. Make your space look bigger through lighting

The first step to elevating your living room’s interior design is to make it look bigger and more spacious.

Explore curtain ideas that allow more natural light into your living room. Add mirrors to reflect light into the entire space and one statement mirror piece to create a more sophisticated feel. You can add statement lighting fixtures, such as trendy and intricately designed lamps.

With enough natural light in the room, you can take in some of your favorite in-house plants to spruce up your living room and create that seemingly outdoor extension.

  1. Invest in accent and statement pieces

Accent furniture creates a focal reference in your space while adding dimension to your interior design. Meanwhile, statement pieces stand out from the entire space and add personality to your living room, such as a vibrant coffee table in a sea of monochromatic furniture.

Strategically placing and perfectly curating statement pieces in your living room can help achieve your desired elevated look. You can place these items in empty spaces, corners, or where the line of vision usually lands upon entering the living room. Find the right combination of interest and balance in deciding which to place where.

These pieces can also be small, bold accessories like antique vases, boxes, frames, or even books. These can seamlessly blend into the space while emanating a certain level of uniqueness and adding interesting blots of color and texture to the room.

  1. Revamp your old furniture with new or modern hardware

While there is a charm in antique furniture, you can still change their hardware into more modern pieces to create a more updated look for them. Replacing the knobs and handles of your heirloom cabinet pieces or great antique finds with brushed brass or copper hardware gives off a warmer feel to the space. 

You can also repaint these pieces with their original color to restore their old glory without drastically changing their appearance.

  1. Repaint your walls or apply wallpaper

Repainting your wall can create a significant upgrade for your entire living room. Choose neutral tones or earthy colors accentuated with deeper tones to make the whole room feel laid back.

Neutral paint colors also create a blank canvas for the space, allowing you to design the entire room however you want. The same suggestions apply in choosing a wallpaper apt for your living room–the simpler and more relaxed it feels, the better.

You can also elevate the look of your furniture pieces, such as chairs or couches, by replacing their fabrics with elegant color schemes and textures complementary to the entire room’s design.

  1. Hang floor-to-ceiling drapes

There’s something about drapes that scream elegance. It heightens the space and creates a layer of sophistication in your room.

Choose soft fabric drapes to elevate your room’s appearance; use sheer fabric to let natural light in, and choose a color that works well with the entire room’s design.

A Budget-Friendly Transformation for Your Living Room

There are many ways to turn your living room into a space that allows you to feel like a celebrity in a sophisticated home. You don’t need to spend much on this transformation. Gather your pieces and materials by purchasing them using a credit card at affordable antique shops or thrift stores.

It’s all about wise budgeting and making the most of your finds to achieve that luxurious living room that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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