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How Old Is Pastor Ron Carpenter?

If you are wondering, “How old is Pastor Ron Carpenter?”, you’ve come to the right place. The former football player turned pastor and founder of Redemption World Outreach Center was born in Anderson County, South Carolina. His net worth is approximately $2 million and he is married to Hope Hilley Carpenter. His wife Hope Carpenter has suffered from mental illness and adulterous affairs, according to Christian Post. While Ron Carpenter has not commented on his age, he is not yet 40.

Ron Carpenter was a football player

After spending years playing football, Ron Carpenter found his niche in baseball. After his retirement from football, he spent more than 40 years in the field of sports administration. He recently moved back to his home state of Texas, where he lives with his wife. He remains active in the community and volunteers as a natural products sales representative for the city of Detroit. You can learn more about the former football player by clicking through the links below.

Born on June 24, 1948, Ron Carpenter played professional football for seven seasons. He was a four-year letterman at Miami University and a three-time All-Mac selection. During his college career, Carpenter was named a first-team All-American and a member of the Millennium team. He graduated from Miami in 1993 and majored in Urban and Regional Planning and minored in Urban Design. After playing professionally for two years in the NFL, he signed a free agent contract with the Minnesota Vikings. After spending one season with the Cincinnati Bengals, he played for the New York Jets and the St. Louis Bengals before joining the St. Louis Rams.

He founded Redemption World Outreach Center in 1991

In the late 1990s, Ron Carpenter founded the first Redemption World Outreach Center, a 300-seat sanctuary, near Greenville’s downtown airport. In 2008, he changed the name of the church to Redemption World Outreach Center, claiming that the congregation is now multicultural with people from 42 countries. However, in 2013 it was revealed that Carpenter’s wife, Hope, had been having an affair with another man and is now seeking therapy.

The organization is now headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, where the community is rich in history. Pastor Carpenter was born in the Possum Kingdom and later served in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. In 1991, he decided to start his own ministry, forming Redemption World Outreach Center in a warehouse, with three other people to help run it. Today, the organization is a thriving global network of more than 1,500 affiliated churches in 91 countries.

He has a net worth of $2 million

The net worth of pastor Ron Carpenter is estimated at $2 million. The former professional soccer player has a net worth of $2 million as of September 2022. Previously, Carpenter played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, and St. Louis Rams. He was inducted into the Miami University Athletic Hall of Fame. The former defensive back has become a highly sought-after speaker and a sought-after pastor.

Gray, a former pastor and former senior pastor at Redemption Church, argued in court that Carpenter failed to make Gray senior pastor, despite the terms of the church’s lease. After a lawsuit against Carpenter, Gray changed the name of the church and moved it to San Jose. In an attempt to make the church more popular among Christians, Gray rebranded it as Relentless Church and argued that Carpenter failed to fulfill his obligations to Gray, who was appointed senior pastor.

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He is married to Hope Hilley Carpenter

Pastor Ron and Hope Hilley Carpenter have been a fixture in the Upstate community for decades. In fact, the couple helped establish the mega-church Redemption World Outreach in Greenville, South Carolina. However, a recent article revealed that Carpenter and Hope are no longer together. Over the weekend, Hope Carpenter checked herself into a rehab facility out of state. She will remain in the facility for the duration of her rehabilitation. Pastor Ron and Hope Carpenter have been married for 23 years and have three children together.

Carpenter cited the Bible for his remarks. Matthew, Mark, and Luke mention divorce, which often takes place due to immoral behavior. Paul talks about the influence of believers on unbelievers. During his sermon, many members of the congregation rose to applaud. Others wiped away tears as Carpenter spoke of his wife’s changing behavior over the last decade. The message he preached was deeply moving.

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