Why do students need help with a business essay?

Why do students need help with a business essay?

Students who specialize in marketing, finance, banking, management, and other business-related sciences constantly face the need to write business essays. They know that a high grade requires an in-depth study of the topic, attention to detail, and the ability to present their thoughts correctly. Not surprisingly, many students encounter difficulties and seek help from business essay writing services like EssayShark. This alternative type of problem-solving helps them get assistance from experienced writers. But what exactly are the difficulties that students face? Let’s figure it out together.

What problems do students face when writing business essays?

Business essays do not differ too much from other academic papers. The main differences lie in the research topic, data handling, and writing style. These features prove to be more than enough to cause challenges for students. Let’s review why they often need help with this academic paper.

Dealing with requirements

As a rule, business essays must conform to the rules and requirements established by teachers. The student is offered topics or areas for consideration, as well as clear guidelines, the recommended volume of the paper, and the formatting style. As a rule, the business essay should be between 800 and 2000 words. The student must pay special attention to the citation rules, and design of the sources used. While writing, the student should use an appropriate tone of voice and vocabulary. All of these requirements can be confusing. We advise making a checklist and verifying compliance with all the conditions to avoid missing important details.

Choosing a topic

Teachers do not always provide a predetermined topic. Generating one is often part of the assignment. This responsible part of the process can be time-consuming, especially when the student has no ideas at all. When you stammer on the first step of the assignment, it reduces your motivation. We advise you to choose a topic that interests you. You should also pay attention to the relevance and availability of sufficient sources of information to support your arguments. Consult with your teacher before you start writing.

Finding material

You will need to do thorough research to write a quality paper. Another problem students face while creating a business essay is finding reliable sources of information. Confusion leads to wasting time and effort and collecting and analyzing irrelevant materials. We advise you to focus on the latest research and publications. You should not trust everything that is released online. There are special services for students, such as Google Scholar and online libraries, where you can find up-to-date information on the chosen topic.

Lack of Ideas

Quality argumentation and narrative logic require the generation of creative ideas. Students must present their vision of the problem interestingly to readers. Brainstorming is an easy way to overcome the lack of ideas. You can also get inspiration from other students’ work or articles on your topic that you can find in open sources. We are not encouraging you to plagiarize! Studying the work of your peers will help you develop your ideas and vision of the problem.

Writing a thesis statement

The thesis statement is essentially the main problem that needs to be solved when writing an essay. It is with the thesis statement that all reasoning begins. Without it, any essay falls apart, the structure crumbles, and the text cracks at the seams. If there is no thesis statement in the essay, you essentially have nothing to prove. The whole text is a collection of phrases or incoherent reasoning without a precise statement. If the topic of the essay is a question, the thesis statement is the answer to the question. If it is an argumentative essay, the thesis statement is the answer to the question and explains why.

Correct structure

Many students skip the stage of structuring an essay, leading to an illogical presentation and a chaotic flow of thoughts. Creating an essay structure or plan will help you avoid this. It will be your roadmap to follow and not get lost or confused while presenting your ideas.

The business essay writing process

The introduction comes first. It outlines your understanding of the main problem of the essay and explains the solution you offer. It also features the thesis statement.

You can also describe the background to creating the essay. Here you should tell what theories already exist on the chosen problem.

The main research part lists all the facts and information you have selected on the problem. You can also cite other people’s opinions on the topic and your reasoning.

It will be good to add some contradictory facts to the essay so the reader can reflect.

The conclusion should tie all the thoughts expressed together and summarize the results. Your point of view should act as the result of the essay.

Don’t forget to list the sources you used in creating the paper. It is followed by an appendix, which usually indicates any graphic or text data used in the essay.

Editing an essay

Many students skip a business essay’s proofreading and editing phase and try to finish and turn in their work as soon as possible. However, you will be surprised at the improvement in the quality of your writing if you edit your essays a few hours after writing. You can use special online services that check the grammar and spelling of the text. Some services will help you check that your citations are correct. You should also pay attention to the narrative’s logic and the text’s coherence.

General tips for writing a business essay

  • A business essay is not a literature essay. There is no room for fantasy, lofty vocabulary, and metaphors to increase the word count. The best friends for writing essays will be statistics, data, and complex business information;
  • Business magazines, websites, and publishers can help you find up-to-date information. You may also find some legislative sources helpful;
  • Use mapping for brainstorming and generating ideas;
  • Use linking words and connective phrases to ensure a smooth transition between paragraphs;
  • Check it for plagiarism before submitting it.

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