Reasons Why Industrial Buildings in London Benefit from Anti-Bird Netting

Reasons Why Industrial Buildings in London Benefit from Anti-Bird Netting

Reasons Why Industrial Buildings in London Benefit from Anti-Bird Netting

If you have an industrial building in London, you want to ensure that you look after it. This is for a variety of reasons, ranging from maintaining its value to being a good representative of your company.

But, this is something that can be hard to do in London due to the number of birds species that are becoming pests. For example, birds like pigeons and gulls are choosing industrial buildings to roost and nest, which is causing a variety of problems for property owners.

The good news is that there is something you can do about it. We are talking about investing in anti-bird netting. Let’s take a look at the reasons why this is going to be the best option if you have an industrial building in London.

What is Anti-Bird Netting?

First of all, if you are not familiar with anti-bird netting, you might be wondering what all of the hype is about. Well, this is a solution you can have installed around areas of your property. This includes on roofs, near ledges and around sheltered areas that are appealing to a variety of bird species. It consists of cables that are tensioned and netting that is fixed to the perimeter.  So, this system acts as a barrier that keeps birds out.

Most companies that have industrial buildings will choose to have anti-bird netting installed by professionals. This is for a variety of reasons. For example, it will ensure they have access to high-quality materials and to create a permanent system. In addition, companies like Apex Bird Control can set up anti-bird netting almost anywhere. They have an experienced team that can do this safely and over large areas since they have the right equipment.

So, why is anti-bird netting the best investment for owners of industrial buildings? Well, let’s take a look at what it can do for you.

To Keep Up Appearances

Yes, a lot of industrial buildings do not welcome customers inside. Indeed, they are used for business purposes. But, this does not mean that you can let the building go derelict on the outside. In fact, it is essential to remember that customers are going to judge everything to do with your brand. So, if your name is above the door, know that customers will scrutinise your building.

In other words, you have to make sure that you keep up appearances. Make sure that your building is presentable and gives a good impression of your business. If you have bird guano everywhere and there is a mess, this is not going to impress anybody. So, this is where you can use anti-bird netting. This is going to be a preventative method to stop birds from roosting and nesting. When they cannot do this, they are going to be unable to make a mess of your building.

To Maintain Value

We all know that the property market in London is extraordinary. Indeed, if you own an industrial building, this is good news. Not only is it something that is difficult to find in the capital, but it is also a huge asset. Well, that is if you are able to keep it this way.

Birds make more than just an unsightly mess. Guano is acidic and damaging, which means that it can cause havoc to your property. It can actually eat away at a building and permanently damage the construction. This is not something that property owners are aware of until they see it for themselves. So, if you want to take care of your industrial building, you should invest in anti-bird netting. This keeps birds away and stops guano from bringing down the value of your property.

Supports Workers

Let’s not forget that if you have an industrial building, you are likely to have employees coming in and out all of the time. You do not want them to be uncomfortable with where they work or threatened by birds that are around your property. A lot of bird species can become aggressive during the breeding season if you get too close to them or their nests. In addition, they can get aggressive over food.

With anti-bird netting in place, birds move on and do not become a problem for your workers. They will not hang around the building and cause tension. Plus, it can allow a quiet workplace for people to get on with their duties. They do not have to listen to all of the noise they can create.

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