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Top 6 Hidden Ways to Boost your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is trial and error. One can’t claim boldly that this specific strategy will definitely work for that business. With the ever-evolving market needs and changing consumer behavior, marketers are always looking for ways to improve their marketing tactics.

However, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when your marketing efforts don’t show satisfying results. By following ways, you can boost your marketing efforts and regain the traction of your target customer quickly.

Top 6 Hidden Ways to Boost your Marketing Efforts

  1. Define your customer persona

Create a detailed profile of your ideal customers and different customer segments. Now develop the appropriate content and messages to engage with each segment.

Some businesses follow this advice but fail to define the customers’ exact needs or create the right segments. In a survey, business experts found out that the customer profiles created by most businesses were too generic and not specific to the objective of the business, and the segments were not based on the customer’s buying journey.

On the other hand, successful businesses narrow down the segments and try to create the precise persona of the customer. With this, they make better use of their budget and increase their revenue.

  1. Build an online community

Focus on motivating your target customers to join your community rather than making a direct sale. With this, they’ll learn from your content and see you as a value provider.

People nowadays are smart in ignoring ads online and on social media. They want to get the content they are looking for – as soon as possible. And they get irritated with flashy ads popping up on the screen.

However, people are always interested in learning and growing themselves. Thus, use marketing to build a community on Facebook, Instagram, or your website’s forum to engage with them directly and solve their queries.

  1. Keep an eye on KPIs.

Proper attribution for tracking all of your key performance indicators (KPIs) significantly impacts your marketing efforts. You can monitor your website’s performance and eventually get better CTR. You get insights into your digital marketing campaigns and determine where to spend more money and where to cut the budget.

To enhance it further, use a screenshot automation tool such as Stillio. Automated screenshots will make your life much easier, as you don’t need to perform all the tracking manually.

You add a list of websites, specific webpages, search result pages, analytics accounts, and social media accounts to the automation system and set capture frequency to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or at customized times. Stillio will take the screenshots at your defined intervals and send them to your dropbox or google drive account so that you can see every report in one place. 

  1. Listen to your customers.

Your marketing plan can benefit significantly from obtaining customers’ feedback. The key to a successful business is understanding customers’ wants and satisfying their needs by getting direct feedback.

On the other hand, ignoring customers’ messages can have a very high negative impact on your business. One out of every 26 customers raises a complaint, rest of the 25 just switch the company without saying anything. Ignoring that one complaint means you’ll lose 26 of your customers.

  1. Educate your target customers

You should empower your affiliates and customers with knowledge. It would be embarrassing if your target customers or affiliate marketers didn’t have the proper knowledge to use your product. 

You must keep your customers and employees updated with information about your latest product or service. Doing this will give them a better understanding of what you have to offer and eventually result in a better experience.

When your customers have a good experience with your products and enough information, they happily share their experience with others, making them your brand advocate.

  1. Provide the right content at the right stage

Companies produce a lot of content each week because they recognize the value of content marketing, but they have forgotten its purpose.

Focus on creating content that is helpful to your customers rather than creating it to fill the content calendar. Prepare content according to the buyer’s journey and provide it to them at each stage, from when they identify their problem to the stage when they search for a product as a solution to their problem.


Marketers continuously look for ways to improve. By using these strategies, you, too, can boost your marketing efforts and regain customer interest immediately. Instead of making direct sales, encourage customers to join your online community. Engage in conversation and bring value. And save time by eliminating manual tracking with automated screenshots.

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