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Looking for The Best Discounts? – Save Big On Shopping with Gift Cards

As a dedicated shopaholic, I am always on the hunt for discounts to save me from my biting bills. One fine day I stumbled upon what can be called the paradise for brand fanatics. A complete website selling Gift Cards on discount from trending brands like Myntra, Aldo, Charles & Keith, and more. Until then, I had thought Gift Cards were physical cards found in cartons full of junk from previous years. 

Curious about what Gift Cards were doing on an online platform, I dedicatedly ran research and figured Gyftr is a hub of brand vouchers on discounts from more than 200 brands. I had just hit a jackpot. A paradise for shoppers like me, Gyftr offers massive discounts on clothing, shoes, bags, stationery, and endless other brand vouchers. You name it and they have it.  

The platform lets you select your brand voucher, add it to your cart and the gift card voucher code will be sent directly to your mobile number, instantly. I was particularly taken aback with the huge discount they were offering, and unimaginable ways in which I can save money on essentials, to luxuries without breaking my bank. All I had to do was shop for the vouchers and save the voucher code until the next time I needed to buy something. 

To make sure it works, I quickly shopped for a Charles & Keith’s brand voucher on and visited the official Charles & Keith brand page. I found a lovely pair of heels and added it to my cart. A quick process, the check out page on Charles & Keith quickly loaded the Voucher code I entered and the Voucher amount was credited to my Charles & Keith account. Very rapid and very impressive, for as far as I remember usually you are required to call a customer service executive to redeem codes. It was so much better with Gyftr. So after the entire code was validated to my account and my remaining cart price was reduced by half, I saved half the price I would have spent otherwise. 

Over the past few months since then, I have been a regular on to shop for vouchers of brands selling groceries, home essentials, entertainment and OTT vouchers, vouchers to buy kitchenware, bathware, you get the drill, right?

What’s more? Gyftr offers not only discounts on their Gift Vouchers but also offers free promo codes on certain transactions. A few times, I have been able to club Gyftr offers and brand offers together and save hoards. Since most Gift vouchers by Gyftr can be clubbed together, you get discounts on shopping for the vouchers. If the brand you want to shop from is running an in house discount, you can get those discounted products, use your Gift Voucher to shop them and save extra. 

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