Newsletter Ideas for 2022

8 Newsletter Ideas for 2022

Newsletter Ideas

Newsletters should feature in every organization’s marketing strategy. According to a survey, 81% of B2B marketers view email newsletters as the most popular content marketing strategy. 31% believe a company newsletter is the best way to nurture leads.

Since newsletters are an essential cog of digital marketing, we examine eight newsletter content ideas and newsletter examples. That should help you create the perfect newsletter templates for your monthly newsletters.

1. Create a Round-up

A round-up post is vital for promoting your content. You may alternate between expert round-ups and content round-ups.

Expert round-ups quote and feature contributions from as many experts as possible. Content round-ups feature categorizations on a specific topic.

Alternatively, it could be a round-up of all the tools, statistics, and strategies you use when running your business.

Additionally, you can include a reader’s giveaway for free resources or coupons for free products to boost the chances of making the round-up successful.

2. Curate Links to Popular Content Creators

Collaborating with popular content creators will give your great content a welcome boost. You don’t have to settle for creators with audiences closely related to your email newsletter ideas. It’s also a sneaky way to get out of a creative block.

The goal is to educate your audience, so linking to other creators improves their knowledge. Besides, you would attract the creator’s audiences to your newsletter if you had a deal to cross-link.

On the other hand, including quotes, infographics, and content from experts in your industry helps increase engagement.

3. Tips and Hints on Succeeding

Newsletters should deliver helpful suggestions, not solely geared towards email marketing. Create landing pages dedicated to this, such as what milestones to set and how to make a small business successful. Provide case studies as social proof that the methods work.

After all, newsletters that highlight testimonials and business owners’ success stories are more likely to succeed than those containing sales pitches.

4. Share Fun, Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Sometimes great newsletter content happens when showing your vulnerable side to the target audience. While LinkedIn is for serious content, your other social media should contain light-hearted content.

For example, new content should include behind-the-scenes videos. Fans can have a good laugh while learning the content creation process, especially when you have a product launch for your e-commerce site.

Consider realizing other fun content such as GIFs, memes, and trending tweets or videos they may have missed. Try using a content calendar and automation of content posting to make the process easier.

5. Provide How-To-Guides

How-to guides expound on a topic at hand. Your newsletter’s how-to guides should be specific, engaging, and in-depth to attract readers. To achieve that:

  • Address a pain point your readers frequently encounter: How-to guides are only relevant if the reader can relate them to an issue they would like to resolve.
  • Split them into lists and bullet points: This approach makes them visually attractive and eye-catching.

Give them hacks and tutorials they can apply in a short, punchy, and digestible format.

6. Answer Questions

Your newsletter can answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). That approach switches the focus from your company and team members to the users, making it more engaging.

Give the newsletter humanness by incorporating comments, product use, FAQs, and other user-generated content from your community.

Further, you are likely to induce the readers to ask questions by including a call to action (CTA). They are a great tool since a single CTA might increase sales by 1617%. It serves as an invitation and lets the reader know what you expect from them.

For example, you can ask them to leave questions in the comment section. In your answers, emphasize the benefits of using your solutions.

7. Discuss and Expound on Trending Topics

Sometimes a trending topic might crop up, but some members of your audience can’t figure it out. It helps break down the latest trends and popular upcoming events as part of your marketing campaigns.

Staying on top of hot conversations improves the visibility of your content, making it clickable and shareable, and people can use links to your newsletter.

Look for trends that people search for and capitalize on during your marketing efforts. Use SEO tactics and copywriting skills to feature the stories in your newsletter.

8. Recap an Event

As a treat to your audience, you interview a distinguished guest on a Zoom webinar or a podcast on Spotify. However, not everyone will have the time to tune in, so a recap will come in handy.

Ensure the newsletter email content is brief and concise, covers all the bases, and explains the difficult-to-understand content. Drum up excitement on the interview with an attractive email subject line to realize maximum open rates.

Conclusion – The Best Newsletter Ideas

A newsletter isn’t just about compiling the weekly news and firing it off to a disapproving audience. You have to be more creative to keep your fans engaged. That could be anything from how-to guides to tips on succeeding in a business; just ensure it’s out of the ordinary.

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