Interesting Facts About Watches

5 Interesting Facts About Watches That You Never Knew

Watches are one of the most portable pieces of technology that you can wear. Since its invention, telling the time has become easier. The timepiece went through many stages in its lifespan, continuously changing. Skilled craftsmen were responsible for creating the timepiece first until it got picked up by well-known companies. From the design to the features available, some watches gained the status of becoming a luxury products. 

And did you know that the watch was not supposed to be what it is today? While the purpose of telling the time remains the staple, its intended use was vastly different. Here are five interesting facts about the watch. 

Women Initially Wore Watches First Before Men

Watches before were called wrist watches. The first watches were also made for women. The product is marketed as a bracelet and used as an accessory rather than telling the time. And men preferred owning a pocket watch instead. However, when soldiers were about to enter the battlefield, they wore wristwatches more often to check the time on hand. After World War I, the use of the wristwatch changed forever.

These days, almost everybody is wearing watches on their wrists. So while it still tells the time, it can be a fashion accessory for anyone wearing it. 

Pocket Watches Were the Most In-Demand

The pocket watch is nearly non-existent today, but that was not the case 100 years ago. Then, men loved to own a pocket watch wherever they went. 

Owning a pocket watch shows you are from the upper class. The earliest prototype was worn around the neck than on a chain. It also means that knowing a watchmaker at this time shows how much wealth you have. Having a pocket watch now can be a collector’s item, but some working-class people use it in their daily lives. 

Watches are Always Set to 10:10 AM in Advertisements

All watches set the timepiece at 10:10 AM in every advertisement, no matter the brand. Referred to as the “Happy Time,” the position is meant to resemble a smiling face. The face is supposed to influence the customer when buying the watch positively. 

There are also more reasons behind this positioning. One, the hands never overlap with each other. Two, you would see the brand name of the watch easily. And if you see a watch that does not set the time at 10:10 AM, it simply means the battery stopped working.    

Seiko Means ‘Exquisite’ in Japanese

Seiko is known as the everyday watch brand. When it started, the founder, Kintarō Hattori, produced the clocks under the name Seikosha

According to the company’s official history book, in 2003, Seiko was written in Kanji, which means “exquisite.” At the same time, it is homophonous with the word for “success” but written in a different Kanji. Today, Seiko branched out as one of the biggest names in watchmaking. The founder knew he made his mark on whether you would get a Seiko 5 or other similar timepieces. 

Water-Resistant Watches Were Invented in 1851 

The first water-resistant watch was showcased at the 1851 Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations. However, the concept of being waterproof was still obscure at its time. 

Made by Messrs. Pettit and Trappett, the silver pocket watch was first seen in the exhibit submerged in a water globe by fishes. Its purpose was to secure the pocket watch from seawater. 

There were credit attempts by succeeding brands such as Rolex’s Oyster watch, but they are only in it to make a name for themselves. Moreover, some brands do not acknowledge the long development of the timepiece. 

Wrap up

Watches have a fascinating history. From its initial appearance, it became more than its intended purpose. So the next time you see a watch, think about the many changes it underwent to the technology we have today. 

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