MA Journalism and Mass Communication can shape your career prospects

7 ways MA Journalism and Mass Communication can shape your career prospects

Media is the face of entertainment and awareness in today’s world. A challenging and equally rewarding sector, it has opened the pathway to diverse career opportunities in different industries. The media industry is fast growing and accommodating new changes to keep up with global developments.

Often chosen by many for its possibilities, an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication is the path that leads to a career in the media sector. The curriculum equips you with skills that are in demand across multiple job sectors and prepares you for the competition.

Let’s analyse how a journalism and mass communication degree can shape your career prospects.

  1. Journalist

Becoming a journalist is one of the most common career choices after completing a degree in journalism and mass communication. As a journalist, you must work on events of national and international importance and write copies to be published in newspapers, websites, or magazines. 

  1. Reporter

Being a news reporter is a challenging job role and requires you to research extensively on varied topics. You will have to travel a lot as a part of this job and report on different events. Excellent communication and networking skills are important to ace the role of a reporter. 

  1. Content creator

As digital marketing is growing in popularity and significance every day, content is the king in today’s digital world. A content creator writes on a variety of topics relevant to the work of the organization. You must follow SEO standards and formulate content that ranks higher in search engines.

  1. Copywriter

A copywriter must produce copies for various advertisements or marketing campaigns of a company. The copies should be precise, creative, and interesting to gather the attention of the target audience.

  1. Proof-reader

As a proof-reader, you must check copies and articles for grammatical and syntax errors. You must go through every word in detail and rectify mistakes if any before it is published in any medium. Thorough knowledge of the English language and its functionalities is necessary to carry out the functions of a proof-reader.

  1. Public Relations Officer

The job role of a public relations officer is a highly sought-after one among journalism and mass communication graduates. As a PRO, you must execute and maintain the communication and networking operations of an organization. You must manage the affairs of different teams as well as maintain clients and projects o the company.

  1. Podcast producer

A relatively new job role, a podcast producer can either work independently or as a part of an organization. As a podcast producer, you must supervise the scheduling, production, and distribution of podcasts. You must research on the guest list, prepare performance charts, monitor the analytics, and come up with different ideas to ensure the successful conduct of various podcasts.

Mentioned above are some of the common career options after completing your master’s degree in journalism and mass communication. As evident, several opportunities are awaiting you if you have the right skills and abilities.

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