VFX and Animation

Importance Of VFX And Animation Course

Globally there is a growing appetite among consumers for immersive, engaging high-definition visual experiences. Today’s consumer is consuming high quality content with realistic animation & absorbing visual effects. 

VFX and Animation

“Visual Effects” or “Visual FX” or “VFX” involves creating, enhancing as well as manipulating imagery to generate an splendid effect or simulation that cannot be performed during live action shoot since it is too difficult or dangerous. Also termed as CGI (computer Generated Imagery), VFX entails incorporation of digitally enhanced graphics and is usually employed when script requires an exaggerated yet realistic sequence like conceiving an alien on his planet or fictional character with superpowers etc. or an explosion etc. that is otherwise unfeasible to breathe life into. 

Animation entails visualization & conceptualization so as to enable transformation of photographs of static objects and/or digital images or hand-drawn pictures into frames, which are then stitched in a sequence to replicate movement. 

This content has varied uses and is employed in mobile applications, computer games, websites, advertisements, cartoons, films, and TV shows, etc. 

Benefits of VFX Animation course:

Huge Opportunities: Multi-fold increase in demand for VFX animation has resulted in unprecedented demand for qualified professional. Following are the details:

  • As per assessments for the year 2024, animation and VFX industry is anticipated to grow at 29% reaching Rs. 180 billion.    
  • As per Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) report, the Indian animation and visual effects industry is predicted to capture 20-25% of the global market share.
  • Estimated to grow at 11.47% CAGR. the Online Games segment revenue is expected to reach a market volume of US$ 1,466 m by 2026. 
  • By 2025, the mobile gaming market of India has the potential to rise to US$7 billion. 

Thus, college must ensure placement assistance.  

Business Knowledge: VFX Animation course offers comprehensive in-depth knowledge of business, including technical as well as theoretical. It inspires student to employ designing principles to varied communication challenges, thereby enabling students to channel their imagination so as to conceive and develop an impactful communication that people can relate to.  

Studio Exposure: The full-fledged studio at the college must encourage students to explore, experiment, and train. This enables the students to understand & learn Design thinking, gain exposure in prototyping, use of latest tools & techniques, use of latest software like AI, 2D, 3D, simulation & modeling etc., strengthen their basics, accomplish professionalism & experience, along with confidence to bring alive their vision, concepts through innovation & improvisation. Therefore, he is confident when he enters professional field. 

Trained Faculty: The trained faculty at colleges offering VFX Animation course ensure that students gain from their wisdom. This faculty will expose students to real-life experiences, teach latest techniques as well as tools employed in post-production. 

Moreover, students are also inspired to participate in competitions, take up small projects and undergo internships at the studios so that they gain familiarity as well as confidence in use of different tools, techniques & software, besides building portfolio.  

Register to enrol in VFX and Animation course and bring to life your dreams of fortune.

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