Dota 2 DPC Registration: What You Need To Know Before Registering for The Dota 2 DPC

The Dota 2 DPC, often known as the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, is a slew of competitions that grant teams qualification points. Each of the circuit’s two seasons features six Majors and five Minors. The first season runs from October through December, while the second runs from January through June. The International, the Dota 2 world championship, is open to the top 12 teams from each season.

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Teams must register with Valve in order to be eligible to compete in the Dota 2 DPC. Only a few bits of information are needed for the registration process, which is straightforward. Before signing up for the DPC Dota 2 2022, you should be aware of a few things. All teams must, first and foremost, have a minimum of four players. A team cannot sign up for the DPC if it consists of fewer than four players. 

Dota 2 DPC Registration: How To Register for The Dota 2 DPC

Both a valid email address and a Steam account are requirements to sign up for the Dota 2 DPC. Following these procedures will allow you to register for the DPC once you have those:

  1. Navigate to the Dota 2 DPC sign-up website.
  2. Fill up your Steam account details and email address.
  3. Go over the terms and conditions and sign your agreement.
  4. On your computer, select “Register.”

You can view your DPC ID number after registering. In order to identify yourself while taking part in the DPC, you will use this number.

The Benefits of Dota 2 DPC Registration

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) is a series of competitions that gives points to professional Dota 2 teams based on their performance. The season begins with the first DPC event in late October and ends with The International.

In order to participate in the DPC, Dota 2 teams must register with Valve, the company that created the game. Any team of five players that satisfies the basic conditions, which include having at least four of the five members reside in the same region and each player having a distinct phone number associated with their Steam account, is eligible to register for the DPC.

After registering, a team will be assigned to either the upper bracket or lower bracket. The remaining teams make up the lower bracket, while the top 16 teams in the DPC compete in the upper bracket.

The Requirements for Dota 2 DPC Registration

For teams to sign up for the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, Dota 2 has severe prerequisites (DPC). Teams must have at least three members that are “Dota 2 Pro Circuit eligible,” which means they must have participated in at least two qualifying tournaments in the previous calendar year. A working phone number and an active Steam account are also requirements for at least one member of the team. And last, each squad needs a distinct name, tag, and logo.

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