Top 10 Virtual Reality Companies In USA

Top 10 Virtual Reality Companies In USA

Are you looking for the best virtual reality company in the USA which can assist you to build an amazing VR-based platform for your business? 

Virtual reality has disrupted the entire industry and created a sensation. Its ability to create attractive and unique graphic elements empowers firms and companies to transform their existing platform with highly engaging virtual content. 

And therefore, businesses today look for sophisticated virtual reality-based digital solutions. If you are also searching for a reliable company to build VR solutions, then here in this article, we have listed the top 10 virtual reality development companies in the USA that you can choose as per your business goal. 

1. MobileCoderz

MobileCoderz is the top virtual reality development company in the USA. They are globally acclaimed for delivering the market’s most famous and high-grossing virtual reality solutions for web, mobile, and all-in-one VR devices. This is a well-established company with outstanding excellence in developing world-class VR-based software and applications for startups, enterprises, and large-scale businesses. 

The best part that makes MobileCoderz the most reliable VR development company is they have the industry’s highly qualified and talented developers and tech specialists who possess brilliant skills in AR/VR development. The company also provides web and mobile app solutions with other cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and ML for iOS, Android, and other device platforms. 

  • Founded: 2015
  • Employees: 49-250
  • Rate: $25-$50
  • Core services: AR/VR app development, VR sensor apps, 3D content for VR, web and mobile app development 

2. HQSoftware

HQSoftware is also one of the top virtual reality companies in the USA. It specializes in developing high-end augmented and virtual reality development solutions for web, mobile, and other platforms. The company provides a wide range of virtual reality development services that involve high-quality VR content, 3D models for VR, sensor-based VR development, smart data visualization, VR and IoT integration, and fully-immersive VR solutions. 

They are based in New York City having additional offices in Georgia, Estonia, Tallinn, and Tbilisi. HQSoftware is known for utilizing other innovative technologies like AI, ML. IoT, Blockchain with virtual reality. 

3. iTechArt Group

iTechArt Group is a leading software development company that provides custom digital solutions to all business sizes in the USA. They provide tailored and business-oriented virtual reality development solutions integrated with other advanced technologies like IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. iTechArt Group specializes in developing interactive AR/VR web and mobile applications, video transmission, 3D modeling and rendering, computer vision, and location-based augmented experiences. This company has a good range of portfolios related to augmented and virtual reality applications. 

4. VironIT

VironIT provides customized software, and web and mobile app development services. It primarily works with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, robotics, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality. VironIT helps businesses build high-quality and immersive experiences with augmented, virtual and mixed-reality technologies. This company develops AR and VR-based solutions for all the popular VR headsets like HTC, Oculus, Samsung Gear, etc. VironIT is situated in San Francisco, USA. Their core expertise includes creating high-end virtual reality and immersive experiences with modern features. 

5. Centrex Labs

Centrex Labs is one of the leading VR app development companies. They offer custom software and mobile solutions for multiple industrial requirements. This company is reputed for developing high-class augmented and virtual reality-based applications for Android, iOS, and VR platforms. They have an in-house team of developers and specialists for AR and VR app development. Centrex Labs has worked with various renowned companies like IWC Endeavor, AARP, and Panerai. 

6. Quytech

Quytech is a leading Virtual reality app development company in the USA which offers world-class digital experience and solutions to global businesses. They work with startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to build custom augmented, virtual, and mixed reality-based solutions. 

Quytech specializes in creating 3D digital imaging, 3D modeling and data visualization, 3D content for virtual platforms, and interactive AR/VR apps for an immersive experience. They have a good track record of delivering top-notch virtual reality applications for overseas companies. 

7. Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a creative agency based in Dallas, Texas, USA. This company has delivered various successful AR/VR applications. They provide customized software development services backed by augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. They work with startups, global brands, and enterprise-scale companies to provide them with immersive and AR/VR-based software and platforms. 

Groove Jones has professional software developers and engineers who hold years of experience and proven skills in VR and AR software development. The company provides expert consultation and strategic planning for VR integration in the existing ecosystem.

8. Captivatar

Captivatar is a digital transformation company based in the USA. They excel at developing innovative software and mobile app solutions with high-end technologies like blockchain, metaverse, NFT, IoT, and AR/VR. The company offers professional consultation, improving digital product experiences, and building custom software and web-based augmented/ virtual reality-based solutions. Captivatar has the great industry experience and top-level skills in using XR technologies to create HD-quality immersive and virtual product experiences. 

9. Lucid Reality Labs

Lucid Reality Labs is USA’s one of the top virtual and immersive development companies that primarily focuses on building immersive AR/VR, and XR simulations and experiences for the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical industries. They develop user-engaging VR solutions with highly attractive graphic elements for various purposes like employee training, education, collaboration, and gamification where users can explore, interact, and learn skills. Lucid Reality Labs is well-versed in creating all kinds of XR-based solutions for metaverse, VR platforms, VR gaming, R&D enterprise activities, augmented reality applications, and more. 


Virtual reality is booming at a fast pace. Its ability to provide immersive and real-world graphic experience makes it a highly useful technology for all. Therefore, businesses today look to integrate immersive and virtual technology to offer their customers innovative digital experiences. 

If you also want to build a VR-based application for your business, then you should work with a professional VR app development company that holds a proven track record in creating VR-based apps for smartphones, mobile devices, and other platforms. 

About the Author

Erma Winter  is an AR/VR app developer at MobileCoderz-a leading web and mobile app development company that provides world-class digital solutions. She specializes in developing AR and VR-based mobile apps. She has great experience and skills in utilizing Android and iOS, AR/VR SDK for creating immersive features and experiences for mobile apps. Apart from app development, She likes to participate in virtual online events and create podcasts on emerging technology trends.

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