What Kind of Executive Compensation Can Real Estate Lawyers Provide for Me?

What Kind of Executive Compensation Can Real Estate Lawyers Provide for Me?

When it comes to providing employee benefits, lawyers skilled in this area of law offer a variety of services. These typically include the establishment and maintenance of all types of senior personnel compensation plans, such as stock options, profit sharing, phantom stock, deferred compensation, and long-term incentive plans. At the end of the day, these services are designed to help executives maximize their long-term economic benefit while minimizing their tax liability. This article provides an overview of the various types of employee benefits and compensation services offered by legal professionals to Executives:

Equity Compensation

Equity compensation refers to employer-provided stock options, restricted shares, and other forms of long-term incentive plans. These plans typically involve the granting of stock or other equity interests in the company to executives as part of their compensation package. Lawyers can help negotiate these plans and advise on the legal documentation required for compliance with federal regulations. It’s suggested that you hire a legal professional who understands what these compensations are. 

Fiduciary Advice

Law firms can provide valuable fiduciary advice to corporations when it comes to compensation arrangements. This includes advising on the duties of directors and other key personnel concerning the company’s compensation policies. It also involves guiding corporate governance standards and contractual obligations under various laws. Ultimately, this advice helps ensure that the company follows all applicable laws while also helping maximize the economic benefit to executives.

Representation before Federal Agencies

Lawyers experienced in this area can provide representation before multiple federal agencies including the US Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Representation before these agencies is essential for ensuring that the firm’s pay-out plans follow the set regulations. It’s best to understand the importance of these details and to be represented as such.

Benefits Counsel During Merger & Acquisition Transactions

When a company undergoes a merger or acquisition, there can be significant changes to its executive compensation arrangements. Experienced lawyers can provide counsel to companies through these transactions and assist in the drafting of documents such as retention agreements, change-of-control clauses, and non-compete agreements. Overall, they will also help ensure that the new executive remuneration arrangements comply with applicable laws, maximize the economic benefit to executives, and promote good corporate governance.

Employment Law Counsel

Lawyers can provide legal advice on a wide range of employment-related issues. This includes advice on workplace policies and procedures, as well as representation in claims for wrongful termination or discrimination. This legal counsel can also be invaluable in case of attempted lawsuits against the company or its executives. In the event of IRS-imposed penalties on a firm, lawyers can also help negotiate a more favorable resolution. This may include advocating for reduced penalties or alternative remedies to minimize the financial impact on the company.


Since employee benefit arrangements are a key component of any business, it is important to have experienced legal professionals on hand to offer insight. Lawyers can help ensure the legality and efficacy of employee benefit plans, while also helping maximize the economic benefit for executives. With the right team of experts in place, businesses are better positioned to attract and retain top talent from within their industry. This will keep the work flowing smoothly and keep the business for a long time.

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