Video Marketing for SaaS Businesses

Video Marketing for SaaS Businesses: How to Create One

A Step-by-Step Guide To Video Marketing for SaaS Businesses

Meta: If you’re a SaaS business marketer, read on for the best video marketing strategies to promote awareness about your software services.

Do you know that the market value of software as a service (Saas) will hit 208 billion USD by 2023? Many businesses, about 62% percent, plan to switch to Saas within the next two years.

If you’re a SaaS business marketer, you need to adopt effective marketing strategies to promote awareness about your software services. You can reach many software business customers through video marketing.

Data shows that about 96.2% of the world’s internet users watch videos every week. Videos also enjoy a greater conversion rate than other forms of content.

Posting video content on your landing page alone increases the conversion rate by 80%. And remember, the higher the conversion rate, the more sales, and profits.

Customers of software as a service (SaaS) would love to see how your software works. Creating Saas explainer or demo videos will be the best way to show your customer how the software solves their problems.

Today, about 88% of consumers prefer watching a video to learn more videos about their preferred products or services before making a purchase. So, you will win the trust of many customers by adopting Saas video marketing to promote your software business.

Do you run a SaaS business and looking forward to implementing successful video marketing for your business? Here are essential tips to help you get started.

Step-by-Step Process on How to Create Saas Videos for Marketing

Research Your Audience First 

Who are you targeting with Saas product videos? Make sure you research companies or businesses that need software as a service and create videos that appeal to them.

You’ll create highly engaging videos when you know your audience.

Check your SaaS business website analytics and find pages with the most traffic. That will guide you on the content your visitor needs. You can use Facebook insights and Google Ads to see keywords driving traffic to your site. Then, you can create SaaS videos around such keywords.

Tools like SurveyMonkey can help you figure out what kind of content your audience wants. Doing competitor research to see videos they are posting and their performance will help you create unique content.

Ensure to create quality and engaging content once you know the videos your audience needs. You should pay attention to the footage and editing process. Choose the best online video editor and polish your clips into a SaaS video your audience sticks to watching.

Develop a Video Plan

Creating quality and engaging SaaS product videos requires a well-executed plan.

First, begin by determining the goals you want to achieve with your Saas videos. Avoid picking your camera, shooting, and posting videos.

What type of videos do you want? Create an explainer video if you aim to demonstrate how your software works.

You should also figure out the story you seek to tell about your software as a service. Make sure you also choose the tone and style you want your video to have.

When planning, consider all the equipment you need for shooting. You need a video editor to streamline your clips into a great Saas video.

Create a Storyboard and a Video Script

You need a storyboard to guide you when filming your video.

When shooting, you may lose track since there are many things to capture. However, having a visual representation of scenes to film through a storyboard keeps you on track.

You don’t have to create a complex storyboard. Working with a few sketches drawn on paper simplifies filming. You can also choose to have a computer-generated animation storyboard.

Once you have a storyboard, your next step is developing a SaaS video script. Begin by brainstorming about software as service points you want to include in your video.

A video script ensures your video gives a cohesive story and sticks to your brand. Your script doesn’t have to include every word of dialog. But ensure it has a general idea of what you want to say to keep your video focused.

You can visualize your video’s flow when you’ve listed points and organized them into a storyboard.

Begin Filming Your Saas Video

Are your storyboard and video script giving a clear flow of your video? If so, you can begin to shoot your SaaS video clips.

Ensure you choose the right location when capturing your clips. If you shoot some clips within your office, ensure proper lighting.

When the lighting in your video isn’t captivating, you may not attract viewers. However, you can lighten or darken your video using an excellent online video editor where you consider it necessary.

Don’t forget lighting creates a mood in a video. Bad lighting kills the viewer’s mood to watch.

Edit Your Video

Do you have enough footage? You can start editing your footage to create a quality Saas video. Use an online video editor to trim your footage into something concise and on-brand.

Avoid including unnecessary scenes or clips in your video.

Editing is a repetitive process. Review the clips again when trimming unnecessary clips and removing shaky sections from your footage. Make sure your footage has a visual flow based on the video you want to create.

Is your software as a service business complex? Consider using graphics and texts in your video to explain complex concepts about your software.

Editing also involves adding graphics and text to your video. The process won’t be complex if you use a good video editor.

Add Audio to Your Video

The music captures the audience’s attention instantly. Good audio sets the right tone for your SaaS video. But make sure you choose music that matches your video’s mood and conveys the right message about your software business.

Depending on your online video editor, you will access many free audios to incorporate into your video.

Export Your Video

Go through your video again to ensure you don’t omit or add anything you don’t need. You can export your video if you’re through with editing.

Exporting involves converting your SaaS video into a format compatible with different devices where it plays. You should maintain a high video resolution of about 720p.

Publish Your Video

When happy with your video, publish and promote it. Post your video on platforms where your audience hangs most. Ensure to add an eye-catching thumb image to attract viewers.

Your video should have an appropriate description to inform the audience. The video description also helps your video rank better, which is good for visibility.


Software as a service is good business. You can promote awareness about your software through videos. Videos increase conversion rates and bring huge returns on investment. Follow the above steps, and you will create amazing videos to market your Saas business.

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