The ultimate Loughton property guide

 The ultimate Loughton property guide

When it comes to Loughton property and the housing market in general, Balgores estate agents in Loughton really know their stuff. Below we take a look at the ultimate Loughton property guide, along with some top tips for selling your home this month.

Loughton location

Loughton is located roughly 12 miles outside of London and has excellent transport links into the city. This is one of the many reasons that this area has become increasingly popular. With a population of just over 31,000 people, Loughton is a vibrant and bustling place to purchase property right now. Fantastic schools and excellent job opportunities are an added bonus.

Loughton property trends

Property trends in Loughton are ever changing. As with most well-established areas, there seems to be a huge demand for the following property types in particular.

  • Buy to let properties – with this area growing in popularity, now could be the time to invest in property on a ‘buy-to-let’ basis. This area will certainly continue to attract people for all of the right reasons, so snapping up an investment property could still bag you a healthy profit over time.
  • Family homes – the property market is booming; this means that family homes are certainly required. Whether you are looking to buy your first family home, or upgrade to something larger, there is something out there for everyone.
  • Single working professional accommodation – flat shares or single working professional accommodation are popular, given how versatile this area is for business and commuting. There is a good choice of accommodation, just ask your local Loughton estate agent for recommendations.

Selling your house in Loughton

If you are looking to sell your home, there are a few key tips and tricks to remember.

Firstly, it is beneficial to take care of any basic cosmetic issues around the property. Fixing that cracked tile or giving the house a fresh lick of paint will always be a welcome touch. Next, you can decide whether you want to attempt to sell your own home, using a self-made marketing plan, or whether to list with an estate agent. There are many different pros and cons to both of these options, with the majority of people opting to hire an estate agent. But why, and how can this benefit you?

How can an estate agent help to sell your home?

Bringing in an estate agent to assist your house sale is generally thought to be one of the most common methods of listing your home on the market. These are just a couple of the ways in which estate agents may be able to assist with your property sale:

  • Marketing your property – a good marketing strategy can play a huge part in ensuring that your home is viewed by potential buyers and can ensure that it doesn’t sit stagnant on the market for too long. Showcasing your home to its best potential will help to create a buzz.
  • Assisting with communication – estate agents will answer daily calls and take on those tough conversations that those new to the property market may not feel confident to answer. They can also liaise with solicitors and other professionals throughout the process.

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