The Main Advantages of Cloud Hosting

The Main Advantages of Cloud Hosting

​​Your website will be up and running whenever a marketing campaign or sudden influx of visitors is launched, during a DDoS attack, or in case of incorrectly installed CMS “eating up” system resources. The software monitors the actual load in real-time and automatically increases the virtual server capacity if necessary. Professional hosting on cloud serve services is a great way to grow your business!

A guaranteed increase in performance is accompanied by a fully managed migration if requested, as well as a money-back guarantee if your expertise couldn’t reach your goals. With several service packages onboard, it is way easier to pick up the best solution for your team and harvest the benefits. But first things first, do you need to go for third-party host cloud servers at all? Let’s check it out!

How Does It Work?

Simply put, it is a system resource virtualization technology that allows you to use additional server capacity during peak loads. Our technology provides the client with a fully isolated software environment with a guaranteed set of memory and computing resources. Each hosting package consists of a certain number of VSUs (Virtual Server Units) with fixed size and power. As the load on the site grows, the system adds more VSUs needed to keep it running. The process is fully automized and backs up almost unlimited access to computing resources.

Dedicated IP Address

Unlike traditional hosting, where one IP address is used by hundreds of websites, with VPS packages the owner is provided with a unique dedicated IP address for the duration of registration. This service is a warranty that your site will not be blocked and will not fall into spam databases because of an unscrupulous webmaster, whose site is placed next door.

Server Control Panel

Feel free to opt for the protected control panel of our own design with an intuitive interface and powerful features — that’s how you can create and restore backups in one click, manage mail, grant access to other users within your system, control payments, and track the used resources of your server.

Regular backups

All of your sites hosted on a virtual server are backed up daily in a remote data center. Experiment with your projects, make changes and be sure that you always have the opportunity to restore a working version of the site. With around-the-clock support and self-healing hardware, your issues with the system will be easily fixable and quite restricted in the long run.

Mail on a Separate Server

All mail is set up and runs on separate, physically separated servers. Regardless of whether your site is running or not, you can always access your emails. Create an unlimited number of mailboxes, manage their users, and use familiar-to-you email programs installed on your computer or mobile devices. If you don’t have enough computing resources for your needs, don’t hesitate to send a request for additional scaling.

Any actively developing project requires not only high-quality optimization but also powerful technical resources. All our servers are equipped with superfast SSD drives of the latest generation. A fast website, working without delays, creates a good reputation, becomes comfortable for visitors, and is advantageous for search engines.

Is It Worth It?

A functional website interface is a huge part of your brand’s customer loyalty and satisfaction. If you would like to develop your platform and enter your markets, cloud hosting is what you need to remain a flexible and versatile business entity in a highly competitive environment.

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