The Intent of Associative Music

The Intent of Associative Music

Nick Koenig is a musician from New York City. He is also known as Hot Sugar in the musical world. He is the founder of a musical procedure called “Associative Music.” This process involves manipulating sounds that are recorded in outdoor environments and not in the studio. Nick’s first EP release was Muscle Milk in early 2011. His musical concept was such a hit that we went on to create and produce other songs using sound.

Different Sounds

All of us are exposed to different sounds each day in the environment in which we live. Most of us don’t even pay attention to those sounds. We just take them for granted. However, Nick has an ear for those sounds, just like a photographer has an eye for an image. In fact, some of the sounds that Nick may use in his music are:

  • The jingling sound of someone taking a bunch of keys from their pocket
  • The crashing of waves on the beach
  • A certain animal sounds like a barking dog or mewing cat
  • The sound of the bathroom shower

Nick Koenig has demonstrated his ability to use those sounds to create music. He has exposed himself to various environments to detect the sounds that will prompt his creativity to make music. He associates those sounds with how his audience will react once he puts them into music, rhythm and melody.

Style of Music

Associative music is not necessarily a genre, but a style of how music is created. It evokes physical and emotional reactions after being developed from sound to melody. The intent of associative music is dimensional and comes in two-fold:

  • It harnesses visceral and psychological properties of sounds inherent to environments that are not musical.
  • Sourced sounds adapt to the intent, referencing the origins while not interfering with the melodies of the music.

In other words, associative music helps to disguise the original sound where the sound is behind the melodies.

Listening to Associative Music

Why would you listen to this kind of music? Well, for one, it is an evolution of creative genius. It is different and gives the listener an emotional experience. That is what Nick’s music intentionally does for the listener. For example, he pairs the mood with the sound and transforms it into a musical composition to entertain his audience and put them in a very different mood and mindset.

Mood Inspiring Music

Nick Koenig uses associative music to provide versatility and control in production. He has realized that sounds will never be conflicting to his musical composition. In fact, it will only serve to enhance it, showcasing the way that the listener interacts. It is a timeless and mood-inspiring type of music that will only get better over time. Learn more about Hot Sugar here.

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