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World Class Education: Let’s Talk About The Best British School in Abu Dhabi

Your child deserves the very best when it comes to holistic development. However, often, it is challenging to seek out the avenues that provide that level of comprehensive growth. For instance, there are 65 international schools in Abu Dhabi and many of these institutions can be labeled as British International School. If you are a British expatriate, that should be good news. Still, how do you decide amongst these schools?

The solution is simple. You take the ‘British International’ bit out of the equation. Instead, you search for the best schools in Abu Dhabi. If an institution falls under both categories, you have your answer. The Reach British School, then, is one such example. As part of the International School Partnership (ISP), this institution has made phenomenal progress since its opening in 2014. Part of that progress must be credited to its immensely passionate and invested teaching staff. The other half of that credit goes to the school’s staunch belief in every child’s ability.

However, it’s not enough to leave it at that. Read on to know more about the best British school in Abu Dhabi.

A look at the best

These are but a handful of the several exceptional qualities that set the Reach British School apart from the rest.

1. A comprehensive view of education

One of the primary concerns that parents face is whether there is an alignment of perspective between them and their child’s school. This is even more pronounced in how both parties view ‘education’.

As of now, there is a great need to incorporate other comprehensive systems of learning. Conversely, the British school, Abu Dhabi, does not view ‘literacy’ or other conventional co-curricular activities as the sum total of education. 

For instance, challenging students to think and rationalize for themselves is something that cannot be pushed aside. Additionally, this need to challenge a student’s rationale should never jeopardize a child’s emotional sensitivity.

As such, there is an extensive assessment of the child’s needs at Reach. They check what are the most dominant interests of a child,which avenues of learning do they prefer the most or how can aspects of their personality be catered to?

These are just some questions that the teaching staff examine when building student profiles. It’s this focus on embracing the individuality of each child that helps Reach to build towards inclusive growth and progress.Tech write for us

2. A focus on interpersonal skills and basic human respect

At the Reach British International School, Abu Dhabi, there is a definitive focus on teaching the significance of basic human respect. As a co-educational institution, it provides students with multiple avenues to improve their interpersonal skills. 

This is not to put down gender-specific schools. Instead, it’s to point out the importance of exposing children to individuals of varying genders and identities. After all, acceptance is always better than mere tolerance.

3. Provision of unique developmental opportunities

As part of the ISP, the school provides its students with exceptional developmental opportunities.

For example, the Buddy Exchange Programme (BEP) allows students of different nationalities and cultures to come together and learn from each other. Hosted in a safe and secure environment, the BEP enables an exchange of cultural values and ideas.


Moreover, the participants get to build impactful friendships with their peers across the globe.

4. Foundational school curriculum

As a UK native, it’s understandable that you’d want to familiarize your child with your cultural heritage and background.

Perhaps this is why Reach bases itself on the National Curriculum for England to provide the best British school curriculum in Abu Dhabi. At its core, the institution believes in:

  • Establishing suitable learning challenges
  • Catering to the diverse learning needs of students
  • Overcoming potential learning obstacles and the assessment of individuals and groups of students

5. Extensive scholarship programs

As a premier institution, it’s vital for Reach to make its education relevant and accessible to a large community.

As such, the school prides itself on its extensive scholarship program for secondary students. This provision enables the institution to nurture and support talented children who demonstrate an aptitude and passion for their chosen field. 

6. Inclusive and informative community of staff 

Your child’s well-being and security should come above all else. Proper education, after all, cannot happen without a happy, nurturing, and stimulating environment.

So, at Reach, every child is provided with what they need to progress in their learning process. Essentially, Reach believes in allowing children to be themselves today so that they can learn to be more tomorrow.

Additionally, parents reserve the right to be informed of every aspect of their child’s progress and development. With this in mind, Reach enables consistent communication with parents and guardians.

Consequently, detailed reports that include their children’s academic progress and social and emotional development are regularly sent out to parents.

 Wrapping up

Reach doesn’t just stand as ‘one of the British schools’. Instead, it establishes itself as ‘the British school, Abu Dhabi’

It is true that there is no place other than their own home where children feel safer pursuing their interests and passions. But, that’s only the case if you exclude the Reach British School from that consideration.

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