Smart Tips to Wash Pleated Skirts

Smart Tips to Wash Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts never go out of style. You can pair a pleated skirt with a simple t-shirt to attend an afternoon lunch with your friends. Pleated skirts can even be worn to parties. Simply, pair the pleated skirt with a black sequined top and black boots for the perfect party look. If you are a fan of pleated skirts, then you must also be aware of the ways of washing and cleaning pleated skirts. It is important to be a little more careful while washing pleated skirts. Washing pleated skirts, the wrong way can damage the pleats. If you are unsure of washing pleated skirts at home, then, try to avail of skirt washing service offered by laundry service platforms like Hello Laundry. However, if you would rather wash your collection of pleated skirts at home, then read on to gain more insight into cleaning pleated skirts. 

Steps for Washing Pleated Skirts:

It is not too difficult to wash pleated skirts although you can always opt for laundry service near me if you do not have the time. Nonetheless, all that you have to do is brush the skirt gently with soap and water and then wash off the soap before hanging the skirt out to dry. Follow the steps below to wash your skirt: 

#1 – Gently scrub the skirt with soap and water: Mix a few tablespoons of liquid detergent soap with a small tumbler of water. Now dip a hard-bristled brush in the soapy water and then brush the pleated skirt gently. Scrub the pleats in a circular motion to make sure that the soap percolates into the deeper layers of the fabric. Use a brush with stiff bristles to scrape off the dirt. Smear the entire skirt with soapy water before washing it with water.

#2 – Wash the skirt with cold water: It is now time to wash the soap off with cold water. Rinsing the skirt with water helps in getting rid of sweat, lingering perfume, and dirt. Cold water also helps in beating bad odours to make the pleated skirts smell fresh and new. To wash the soap-soaked pleated skirt in water, one needs to spread the skirt out in a tumbler filled with cold water. Swirl the pleated skirt around in the tumbler gently with your hands. Rub off the soapy suds and then rinse the cleaned skirt again in cold water. Wash the skirts in clean water for the last time to make sure that there are no traces of soap in the skirts.

#3 – Hang the skirts out in the sun to dry: Hanging out the water-sogged skirts in the open air may take forever for the skirts to become dry. It is therefore important to wring out the excess water before the natural aeration treatment. Wring the skirt gently to make sure that the pleats stay intact. Hang the skirts out in the sun and wait for a few hours for the sky to become dry.

#4 – Store the skirts neatly: Invest in a set of hangers and then hang the pleated skirts neatly in the wardrobe. If you do not have sufficient closet space, then you may fold the skirts and tuck them in storage boxes. 

Easy Hacks for Washing Pleated Skirts:

Well, the easiest hack for washing a pleated skirt is to get in touch with Hello Laundry, an online demand laundry cleaner in London. However, if you would rather rinse your pleated skirts at home, then here are a few tips for you that will make your work easier:

  • Pre-treat the fabric with a mild detergent soap to get rid of stains and grease. 
  • If the stains seem to be too stubborn, then you may use baking soda to wipe out the marks.
  • If the skirt is layered with dirt, then use a brush dipped in lukewarm soapy water to scrub off the dirt.
  • Aerate the wet skirts in the sun to dry. Natural aeration helps in preserving the shape and elasticity of the pleated skirts. 
  • It may be tempting to use fabric softeners but avoid using such chemicals to protect the sensitive fabric of the skirts. 
  • Do not bleach the skirts as chemical bleach is too harsh for the fabric. 
  • For washing pleated skirts in a washing machine, set the machine to a gentle cycle and then rinse the skirt in cold water.


Pleated skirts are a must-have for every wardrobe. Now that you have read the brief guide to washing and maintaining pleated skirts you may want to add a few more skirts to your collection. Wash the skirts at least once a month and store them neatly to preserve the style of the skirts over time.

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