Choosing the Right Bed for your Dog

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Bed for your Dog.

Long gone are the days when our pets would live exclusively in their kennels or cages, as now they have become as part of our family as our own siblings and children. Still, pets don’t always know their boundaries and will likely want to share your bed with you, or lay on your couch leaving fur, a peculiar scent and some unfriendly guests in the form of lice and other insects. So, even if you love your pet’s company, you can still find a better alternative than your bed or couch, and that’s a well-chosen dog bed. Here are some useful tips to help you find the perfect bed.

Know your Dog

The first step to doing anything for your pet is to first know it well. Fully understanding your pet will help you figure out the best toys and bed for it. Some pets are vigorous and active, whereas others want to laze around and simply enjoy the space. So understanding your dog is a first step towards finding a nice, comfortable dog bed for him. Here are some common types of dog behaviors you can match your pet against.

Snugglers: Snugglers are the coziest types of dogs. They like to laze about and curl up in one position to enjoy their naps or sleeps. Normally, the paws will be under the body, tucked to give it some support, and therefore the best bed for this type of dog is one that’s raised on one side to give it extra comfort.

Sprawlers: Dogs like to stretch in their sleep, and this should show you that a bigger bed is ideal. Some dogs like to stretch more than others and these are called sprawlers. An open pillow bed will work wonders for your dog’s comfort and give you some relief especially during cleaning.

Burrowers/Security Seekers: Some dogs like to burrow to find a cozy place to sleep. This gives them a sense of security and privacy and if your dog is this type, then you can opt for a high back bed to give it that extra nook to cozy in.

Utility Versus Aesthetics

Dogs shed a lot of fur, and this should factor into your choice of bed and beddings. Some shed fur more than others, and you’d need a waterproof set of beddings for easy cleaning. The material should be hypoallergenic to prevent any sicknesses, and make sure you disinfect it often to prevent buildup of pathogens.

Dogs with shaggy, long fur tend to overheat and therefore a more open bed, with great aeration will do. Furthermore, ensure the beddings can fit in an industrial washing machine for when you’ll eventually need the deep clean.


Pricing should perhaps be your first consideration before buying a bed. There are some great pricing options if you do considerable research, and this allows you to balance pricing, utility and aesthetics. Of course, there are the outlandish and expensive options, but your dog won’t really care about the ‘poshness’ or the price so long as the bed is comfortable and clean.

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