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Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hybrid SUV

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hybrid SUV

The automotive energy consumption spectrum is often represented by internal combustion on one end and all-electric power on the other. What sits in between these two sides? That would be hybridization.

Hybrid models can power vehicles in different ways. The end goal is always the same, though: creating a more efficient power source. Here are some of the top reasons why you should buy a hybrid SUV along with insights into how these hybrids work…

Understanding Different Hybrid Systems 

The purpose of a hybrid engine as opposed to a traditional internal combustion engine is to squeeze out greater fuel economy. How does this process work? Well, it depends on the type of hybrid arrangement your model has. The most common hybrid powerplants are:

  • Mild Hybrids
  • Full Hybrids
  • Plug-In Hybrids

Mild Hybrids

A mild hybrid system is the least electrically involved of the three hybrid types. While a battery is placed onboard to support the usual functions of the engine, mild hybrid models can’t run on electric power alone.

Instances, where a mild hybrid model might pull from the electric power reserve, include accelerations from a full stop or the use of common cabin functions such as air conditioning.

Full Hybrids

Full hybrids take electrification one step further than their mild hybrid counterparts. Typically, a fully hybrid SUV can run on some measure of all-electric power, even if it’s just a few miles around town each day.

Because of this, a fully hybrid SUV will rate noticeably higher for EPA fuel economy estimates than a mild hybrid or non-hybrid SUV.

Plug-In Hybrids

Plug-in hybrid SUVs are the last step before reaching a fully electric car. These models come with on-board outlets that let you charge the battery yourself.

Given the size of the battery and the ability to charge it, these models can go much further on all-electric power than a full hybrid. Many plug-in hybrid SUVs can reach 30 or 40 miles of all-electric range.

Main Reasons to Buy a Hybrid SUV

A few benefits quickly jump out when thinking of reasons to buy a hybrid SUV. While each SUV will retain its own personality, these reasons are common amongst all models that fall into the hybrid SUV segment.

Noticeable Uptick in Fuel Economy

The foremost reason to go with a hybrid SUV is the added fuel economy. In mild hybrid, full hybrid, or plug-in hybrid form, these vehicles will improve your efficiency over non-hybrid alternatives.

Similar Driving Dynamics to Non-Hybrid SUVs

A common misconception is a belief that hybrid models have to be slow. The truth is often the exact opposite.

Because hybrid models can rely on immediate access to electric power, acceleration is often improved over non-hybrid alternatives. This is especially true when launching off the line from a standstill.

Quieter Ride

When the electric battery is at work in your hybrid SUV, you won’t hear a thing. The more this battery is in use, the quieter your overall experience becomes. Trading some of that fuel-dependent energy for electric power will make your commute just a bit more serene.

A Hybrid Future is Here

Hybrid SUVs are plentiful in the modern market. Their benefits are undeniable, especially for those prioritizing fuel economy. So, if a new SUV is in your future, why not add a jolt of electricity to your travels?

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