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5 Principles of Web Design That Everyone Should Know

We all know the power of the Internet and what it can do. Business owners also know it, and they know that today if they don’t take their business online, their competitors will outcompete them. The first step to taking your business online is the creation of your website.

But the way time has changed, it has dropped the value of your website if it is not developed well.  A website is the face of your online business, and it represents what your business is known for and what is its value. This makes it essential to follow the five principles of website design to take your website to the next level and grow your business drastically.

A perfect web design is always a user-centric website that cares about the usability of users. Every website owner should guide their website designers to design the website in a way that not only looks good but makes it easier for users to use it. In short, a good web design should always maintain a balance between aesthetics and usability. 

Though there are tons of free online website builders available, it is more beneficial to develop the website from a well-known website design and development company in India.

Here are the 5 principles of web design that help you to develop an appealing website for your business:

Clarity of Purpose

There may be thousands of reasons for you to create an effective website design, but the primary aim to create a website must be to promote the company name and try to make it a brand. 

The clarity of purpose is one of the important principles of web design here, indicating that everything that is taking place on your website should be there for a reason. 

Try to create a website that is in proper proportion meaning that an over-design website never works and fails to attract more users.


Have you ever wondered why the most simple website attracts more users? The answer is easy, people like simple things. Try to avoid creating a complex website design that may cost you a loss. Everyone likes simple things.

A website that is overloaded with animation, design and content fails to attract quality leads. A perfect website design provides a good experience in reading, navigation, and understanding.

Mobile Friendly

In today’s ever-evolving world, you can’t grow your business depending on one screen. Your website should be responsive, one that can adjust according to the different sizes of the devices. 

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important principles out of the 5 principles of web design. We have seen the massive demand for mobile users across the world recently, who need everything on the small screen. In that case, it becomes compulsory for you to design a website that can be accessed on multiple devices with the same user experience.

Visual Hierarchy

Don’t you like to see the important things first? The same goes for the users. There is no point in making a whole website important. A website where everything seems important results in nothing being important. 

Being a website owner, you should take the call to present your website in a manner that implies significance. In short, the visual hierarchy means attracting the users of your website to land on a particular page to convert them into leads. 

Seamless Navigation

How would be your experience if I land you in an unknown place and make Google Maps show you the wrong navigation? You will definitely get frustrated.

The same happens with the users when they entered a website and didn’t get what they want. A creative website design with seamless navigation enhances the user experience. 


These above-mentioned 5 principles of web design are very crucial for developing an effective website design. Definitely, these 5 website design principles are not the only ways to create an appealing website, there’s a lot to go. With time, you need to continuously evolve your website so that it can give you the results you want from it.

Author Bio: Sudeep Singh Rawat graduated from Delhi University. He is passionate about writing stuff that matters. He joined createbytes as a technical content writer last year. He is very good at writing SEO-optimized content for websites with in-depth keyword and competitor research. When he is not writing, he must be either reading or playing cricket.

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