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Ensure Kids’ Digital Safety Against Dangers of Online Gaming with FamilyTime App

Kids are naive and can make tragic mistakes while playing online games, like downloading malware, divulging personal info, getting scammed, and so on. Cybersecurity software solutions, like the FamilyTime app, help parents protect kids against the dangers of online gaming. Yet, despite everything, online gaming continues to gain popularity among the masses.

The Rising Popularity & Dangers of Online Gaming

Indeed, the internet is a tool – a source of immeasurable abilities. However, it is also infinitely dangerous, especially for vulnerable people such as kids. They mostly use it to entertain themselves by playing online games.

According to the 2019 study by the Entertainment Software Association, 75% of American households have at least one avid gamer in the family. About 60% of gamers use smartphones to play games, while 52% use a computer. 

This rising popularity is definitely a cause for concern for parents of young kids and teens. Most parents wish to guarantee their kids’ digital safety, which they can achieve with the help of the FamilyTime app. Parents can also ensure a safer online environment for their kids by raising awareness about the dangers of online gaming in their households. Knowing what risks and dangers loom in the realm of online games is half the battle.  

  • Gaming Addiction 

Kids can develop gaming addiction with unrestricted access to screens, i.e., smartphones, tablets, computers, and game consoles. Yes! Gaming addiction is an actual phenomenon, just like other types of addictions. If kids find a game they love to play, especially if it is a multiplayer game that enables them to play it with their friends, they may lose track of time by playing for hours on end. Thus, they may end up developing a gaming addiction.

  • Malware

Unfortunately, not all online gaming platforms are safe. Cybercriminals may lure kids in various ways. For instance, they may offer kids free in-app upgrades, currencies, power-ups, etc. If kids fall for the trick, they may unknowingly download malware on their devices, making them vulnerable to further hacking attacks.  

  • Divulging Personal Info

The in-game purchase features are safety hazards for kids. They may expose the family to numerous security risks by practicing unsafe online purchasing habits. For instance, they may disclose banking information, overspend, and fall victim to phishing attacks/scams.

  • Playing with Strangers 

The internet is home to many dangers, from online predators to cybercriminals. Several online gaming platforms offer multiplayer features where kids can team up with friends or strangers to accomplish specific tasks. Getting in touch with strangers like this can be dangerous, and the worst-case scenario could be sexual predators taking advantage of kids.

  • Cyberbullying

Many online gaming platforms offer group chat features. Though these group chats provide a means of communication with other players, they also open doors to issues like cyberbullying and digital racism. Kids may get bullied by other players for several reasons, e.g., less powerful avatars, lower scores, poor gaming skills, and so on.

Parents can take two actions in particular to ensure their kids’ digital safety against the looming threats of online gaming. They can raise awareness in their kids and use the FamilyTime app for added security.

How Can the FamilyTime App Protect Kids?

The FamilyTime app is a multifaceted security platform that can help you safeguard your kids’ digital lives and provide a better, safer online gaming experience. It can support parents in numerous ways. For instance, parents can reduce their kids’ gaming addiction, protect them from cyberbullying, filter out unsafe content and games, etc.

  • Screen Time Limit 

FamilyTime’s Screen Time Limit feature can reduce kids’ dependence on technology and online gaming addiction effectively and efficiently. It allows parents to specify how much time kids can spend on individual apps. 

  • App Blocker 

Using the App Blocker feature, parents can deny access to inappropriate games and apps. It helps reduce the chances of exposure to indecent and explicit games.

  • Internet Filter

The Internet Filter is an efficient way to protect kids against several threats online. For instance, you can use it to block access to explicit websites and inappropriate gaming platforms that promote violence, gambling, or sexual simulation games.  

  • Internet Schedule

To further solidify the safety impact, parents can cut-off kids’ access to the internet after a specific time at night. Once set, the Internet Schedule feature will prevent kids from gaining access to the internet after curfew times and will be unable to play online games.

  • Call & Text Monitoring 

Call & text Monitoring is a particularly special feature that helps parents protect their kids against numerous cyber threats like scams, phishing, cyberbullying, online grooming, etc. It flags and notifies parents of calls, words, and phrases from conversations that mention anything relevant to these kinds of threats. So, parents can intervene on the basis of as and when needed.

The FamilyTime app’s protection goes above and beyond the bounds of the features discussed above. You can benefit from its entire security suite; by either signing up to get its 3-day free trial or purchasing any of its four affordable payment plans.

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