The Metaverse Is Becoming a Platform to Unite Fashion Communities

The market share price of the metaverse will reach 50.37 billion USD by the end of 2026. A recent analysis from the technology consulting and research firm Technavio said. The trillion-dollar fashion company has recently become quite interested in the metaverse. And this should not be shocking. While talking about the metaverse and its importance in the fashion communities, you might also want to consider knowing the benefits of crypto.

What Is Metaverse?

In science fiction, the metaverse seems like a fictitious version of the internet. It is a single, all-encompassing virtual environment. This virtual world experience is possible by using VR and AR devices. A virtual world is a collection of 3D virtual environments. These are only utilized for social interaction.

The words “meta” and “universe” combine to create the phrase “metaverse.” It first appeared in the science fiction book Snow Crash in 1992. There is a growing demand for a visual experience. This makes the development of the metaverse associated with improvements. 

The improvements are only made in virtual reality tech. Web3 is a theory for a decentralized internet. It has recently sparked enthusiasm for metaverse advancement. For public affairs objectives, buzzwords like Web3 and the Metaverse are being utilized. This happens to inflate the development progress of many linked systems and projects. 

Concerns about personal information, customer addiction, and customer safety exist in the metaverse. This is a result of issues with the video game and social media sectors in general.

Metaverse Is Becoming a Platform To Unite Fashion Communities

The majority of luxury brands and labels continue to concentrate on developing NFTs. Their usage is to mimic tangible goods. There are a few initiatives. They are starting to integrate their networks into the virtual world.

For instance, on September 5, Vogue Singapore introduced “Vogue Singapore’s New World.” It is a Web3 community focused on fashion. Natasha Damodaran is the managing director of Vogue Singapore. The magazine has taken a move forward by designing virtual knowledge. 

This embodies the motif of “Fashion’s New World.” Vogue Singapore has already demonstrated involvement in NFTs. They did it by tagging their September 2021 cover. The platform enables its members to engage with a variety of materials and images. Damodaran said.

Users are experiencing a surrealist-inspired world on Vogue Singapore’s New World. She said. It will include a greeting video from Lina Zhang, the supermodel. She will grace the magazine’s September 2022 front. Additionally, users may view a Terry Gates’ Bio RESONANCE AI-generated beauty shoot. 

They will also get to see Yimeng Yu’s digital couture collection made for Vogue Singapore. According to Damodaran, is a metaverse technology. It focuses on 3D places. It powers Vogue’s metaverse. The metaverse was made by, a business that deals in NFTs.

Cells, desktop computers, and virtual reality headsets may all access Vogue Singapore’s metaverse. Gianna Valentina who is the chief marketing officer at Spatial (VR) said. She stated that customers who visit the New Realm can build a unique avatar. It can get styled in two wearable designs by fashionista Yimeng Yu. These designs are available only in Vogue. Readers can connect with the September front of Vogue Singapore, Damodaran remarked. This can happen while reading other pieces of information related to the photographs.

The CFDA’s foray into the metaverse, like Vogue Singapore, Kolb said. It intends to reach fresh audiences. It wants to pique excitement in American style and designers. The event can be conveniently viewed from people’s residences. This will be due to its location in the metaverse. Kolb said.

The CFDA’s debut into Web3 will be observed, according to Kolb. It will contain a handpicked reminiscence of the past Sixty years of fashion in America. It will also have a series of commemorative NFTs up for auction. The proceeds will go to the CFDA Charity. In The Sandbox, the exhibition scheduled for its debut is in December 2022.


The next stage for certain initiatives may be to encourage fashion-focused societies. The encouragement will be to take part in the virtual world. Although it’s still unknown how customers will respond to this. For instance, Vogue Singapore’s New World is creative. 

But the publisher’s readers may not connect with the idea. Companies in the virtual world have a closer relationship with their customers. The media outlets are still striving to better comprehend this. Brian Trunzo, the metaverse head for Polygon Studios, informed Cointelegraph. 

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