Employee Recognition Awards

Importance of Employee Recognition Awards

Almost every organisation has some kind of recognition ceremony or event in which the hardworking and talented employees are rewarded and praised for their achievements. And the recognition of the deserving employees is necessary, as it will make them feel appreciated and be fuel for the rest to achieve the same feat. A big part of the awarding ceremony is the handing over of trophies. If you are in charge of the ceremony, you can find shops selling trophies in Sydney.

Sydney is recognised globally for its economic strength, technological transformation and high human development index score. Thanks to the institutions and businesses that make the lives of the citizens easier in this country. Sydney is the headquarters of around 600 multinational companies, most of which operate in the Asia Pacific region. The city is an unofficial capital of Australia’s IT industry and is known as the startup powerhouse.

Deserving employees must be awarded compliments, pay rise, and a fantastic trophy. However, there are some points you must remember while shopping for trophies. They are:

  • Trophies for different levels of achievements should look different.
  • Get unique trophies for top achievers who significantly change the organisation.
  • Ensure that the manufacturer adds the company’s logo, achievement type, and name of the person receiving it on the trophy
  • If possible, buy the kind of trophies that have some weight but are not too big.
  • Go for the standard colours such as white, gold, silver, black, etc.

Buying trophies is not that difficult. There are online stores that sell trophies in Sydney. You can pick the types and order. Sydney is the most preferred location for the headquarters of several financial institutions too. The city has almost 60 bank headquarters (out of 64) in Australia. And you can see these institutions also have their reward ceremonies every year.

Now, let’s get back to the main point—the importance of employee recognition awards.

There is a reason every company has the tradition of rewarding deserving employees. If you look at the benefits of this custom, you will understand why everybody does this.

Benefits of the rewarding system

A sense of belongingness and gratification

People like it when they are praised. And when they are appreciated for their hard work, they feel like they are a part of the company, and everybody does recognise them as a valuable asset. Their feeling of belongingness is what keeps the employees close to the company.

Improve the culture of the organisation

A company becomes successful when it reaches its target and serves the public well—indulging in Corporate Social responsibility and trying its best to keep the environment clean.

The company can create the status quo as the best place to work in the industry by conducting programs like award ceremonies and yearly appraisals.

High employee morale

Rewarding is an excellent boost to employee morale, and one who is appreciated will remember it for a long time. In addition, recognising the hard work and dedication will address the issues like employee burnout, absenteeism, attrition, etc.

Strengthens workplace relationship

Awards are not only for individuals. You can reward teams and departments as well. The teams that bring significant change in the business must be appreciated too. The team and the team leader must be praised and awarded for their efforts.

Doing this will improve the team’s relationship, and individual awards will encourage peer-to-peer recognition. Healthy competition is always better.

These are the benefits of conducting award ceremonies/recognition awards. Even if the employees work from remote locations, you can conduct the ceremony online and send the trophies to their homes.

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