GamePigeon Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

GamePigeon Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

You might have noticed that your GamePigeon not working properly. A number of different issues can cause this. Here are a few ways you can get your GamePigeon back on the air. Try restarting your iPhone, resetting your network settings, and re-enabling iMessage. Then, you can invite friends to join you in your quest to become the best pigeon ever!


When your Game Pigeon app is not working with iMessage, it may be a result of inconsistency with iMessage itself. To fix this issue, try temporarily disabling iMessage, restarting your device and retrying Game Pigeon. If this does not work, try downloading the latest version of iOS and following the instructions on the screen. This should solve the problem.

The update for GamePigeon is delayed, and some older devices may be experiencing this problem. However, this issue might be caused by a glitch in iOS, such as when the iMessage feature is enabled. In that case, you must turn off iMessage and enable it again. You can do this by following the steps below. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to get the game to work with iMessage.

If you can’t get Game Pigeon to work with iMessage, it could be caused by a mismanagement of data. In such a case, you may try restarting your iOS device or installing the latest iOS firmware update. Both of these steps will fix the problem. But if these steps don’t fix your problem, you may need to contact the developer of Game Pigeon for further assistance.

Resetting network settings

Resetting the network settings for GamePigeon may solve the problem. Sometimes, it doesn’t work on some devices. You can try the solution below to restore the game’s network settings. First, open the Settings application on your iPhone and click on the General settings tile. Next, tap on the Reset button to reset the specific aspects of the device. Next, you can try reinstalling GamePigeon on your iPhone with low storage space.

Often, this problem occurs when the iOS version is out of date. Apple generally takes time to notify all users of new versions, and Game Pigeon is no exception. By resetting the network settings, you can easily reinstall the app and try it again. If you’ve tried closing the game and re-opening it again, it might be causing the issue. You can also try to revert to an older version of iOS.

Rebooting iPhone

Restarting your iPhone may fix the problem. If it doesn’t, try signing out of the App Store and signing in again. Make sure you enable iMessage for the app to work properly. This is the easiest way to fix GamePigeon not working after rebooting iPhone. However, if you still can’t open the game, follow these steps to force close the app and restart it.

If the Game Pigeon app is not opening after rebooting your iPhone, it’s probably because the iOS version is outdated. To update it, go to Settings and General and select Software Update. Once the update is installed, reboot the device and check if the problem persists. Once you’re back in the app, try sending and accepting game invites. If Game Pigeon still doesn’t work, try downloading and installing the latest iOS firmware update.

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Re-enabling iMessage

If you can’t receive iMessage invitations anymore from GamePigeon, you might be having a glitch in the iOS system. To fix this problem, you can re-enable iMessage on your phone. To do so, tap on the Messages app and select the iMessage toggle switch. Turn the switch to the green state to enable iMessage. Repeat the steps above to enable iMessage for GamePigeon.

After re-enabling iMessage, you can reinstall GamePigeon. If you haven’t already done so, you can download it from the iMessage app store. Before installing GamePigeon, make sure to upgrade your iOS version. Once you have GamePigeon installed, you can begin playing the game by sending invites to your friends. If you want to play more games, you can invite more friends.

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