Decompress Your Body

How to Decompress Your Body After a Hard Workout

Decompress Your Body After a Hard Workout

It feels great to take your body through a hard workout, pushing the limits, but recovering after the exercise is equally important. Below are a few tips to help you relax your muscles after intense exercise.


Stretching after an exercise is significant as it helps you improve muscle elasticity, flexibility, and control. Also, you get to enhance your muscle range. It might be argued that your muscles are already stretched during the exercise, but a final stretch after the workout is still crucial. Be gentle while stretching to help your muscles adapt to your relaxation.

When stretching, focus on large muscle groups like hips, shoulders, hamstrings, core, and glutes. Hold the stretches of these parts for about 30 to 60 seconds and keep your movement fluid. 

You may also focus on passive stretching, which requires you to hold a stretch for longer using a partner or prop. Also, the stretch is intensified through the addition of more pressure. In most passive stretches, you must hold a position for two or three minutes. 

Get a Massage

Strenuous exercises could make some muscles tense, which might cause pain the moment you relax. It could even be a problem for you the following day as you try to get out of bed. If possible, get a massage to help your muscles relax without stiffening.

If you can’t get a professional massage, you could do it yourself using a foam roller. Find areas of tenderness in your body and stay on the foam roller until it dissipates. 

As you do this massage, introduce a breath workout that helps your nervous system relax and allows your muscles to relax. 

Use a THC Cartridge

Cannabis is an excellent muscle relaxation enhancer as it calms muscle spasticity. It could be what you need to help you relax after an intense exercise. After your warm shower, get a 510 cartridge for your cannabis vape and head to your favorite spot. 

Cannabis will not only be great for your muscles but your mind as well. By calming your mind, you can slow down mental stress, leading to body and muscle relaxation.

Cool Down

Your body needs to cool down before you do anything after a workout session. Slow down during your final training routine to allow your body to begin cooling down. 

Next, you can sit down and relax with a bottle of water or any healthy drinks. The drinks will rehydrate your body since you lose lots of water through sweating. 

Take a Warm Shower

A shower should help you relax after a workout, but it must be a warm shower. Some may argue that a cold shower would help your blood flow to the muscles. It’s not always the case as your body heats up after a workout. 

The best thing to do would be to allow it to adapt to a more relaxed environment. In this case, a warm shower is preferable; later, you can reduce the water temperature. Showering in cold water could shock your body leading to muscle cramps.

Get Enough Sleep

Another approach to muscle relaxation after a hard workout is to get some sleep. Prepare a nice meal to help you regain strength, then put your phone on silent and head to bed. As you sleep, your body relaxes and doesn’t use any more energy. 

During this time, you get to save extra energy from the meal you took before you slept, and you will wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Give Visualization Exercises a Try

It is recommended to try mental practice as an addition to your workout routine. Doing a mental relaxation rehearsal or following a mindful meditation program helps you calm down. 

It is also an excellent way to clear your attitude, reduce anxiety, and improve your reactivity.

Avoid Overtraining

It might not apply directly to relaxing your muscles, but a significant relationship exists between how you train and body relaxation. If you train too much, you push your body beyond its limits, making relaxing a problem. Your muscles might take longer than usual to get used to this new normal.

The most effective way to relax is by creating a smart workout routine that gradually pushes your body to new limits. This way, it will be easy for you to relax after every session.

Each of the approaches will do great to help your body relax. Most importantly, don’t forget to drink more water and have a proper post-workout diet.

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