How Can You Control the Aggression of Your Dog?

If you have pet dogs at home, the safety of your family members also becomes very important, which is why controlling your dog’s aggression is very much necessary. Aggression in dogs is the chances of other individuals getting harmed by the dog because they lunged, barked, biting, snapped, growled and snarled.

Leash Aggression

Leash aggression is considered to be a concern for a lot of dog owners. Your dog starts pulling forward or lunging the other dogs, which becomes very embarrassing for you. In such a scenario, a dog feels the threat by the other dogs, or they feel to be trapped. To prevent such behaviour, you need to get your dog’s attention.

You can call his or her name and then reward him. You can start this activity from low distraction places and apply the same method in busier places. When you take him or her out on the road, and it watches the other dogs, you should grab his or her attention and reward them. You can also maintain a distance from the other dog when you have him or her out.

Some Other Aggressive Behaviour

The dogs bred for fighting or hunting tend to show high arousal. It can team up with the other dogs and then attack the victim dog. Reactivity among shy dogs, irritability, bullying and other changing activities in your dogs can be considered as the other aggressive behavioural patterns that the dog has started showing you.

The aggression can be of different types like pain-induced aggression, aggression related to frustration, learned aggression and others. If your dog starts showing such aggression types, you should immediately take action to control the same.

Take Some Steps of Your Own

Socializing your dog from the beginning is very important if you want to see your dog behaving calmly and patiently when he or she becomes an adult. You should always introduce your adolescent dog to a well-behaved dog so that he or she can get the same kind of approach.

If your dog starts behaving aggressively in a dog park or any other apartment, you should try to reinforce calm behaviour by taking him or her away from that place for certain moments till he or she calms down. Use of electric fences for dogs might be very effective in such cases as these fencing systems help them to be confined in an area to lower down the aggression.

You need to understand that any behaviour your dog will do in his or her adulthood will come from the practice. Hence, when your dog is an adolescent, you should always encourage the rehearsal of the good behaviour.

If your dog is practising any wrong behaviour, you should immediately stop the same. When you take your dog to the playground, choose a place where the dog can get a less stressful environment where the dog starts behaving calmly.

Talk to a Veterinarian

How you grow your dog from adolescence to adulthood is an important part of making your dog well-behaved. However, as with every other animal, you may see behavioural changes in them for different reasons. If you see that your normally calm dog has started reacting aggressively, you should not waste time and talk to a veterinarian.

There may be different reasons behind the aggressive behaviour of the dog. Hence, the vet must find out the exact reason behind a particular aggressive behaviour of the dog and treat him or her correctly.

They will also suggest the good practices you can maintain for your dog so that he or she can grow very good behaviour in him or her. For more information, you can call us, or you can visit our website.

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