Making Your Photos Look Unique

A Guide to Making Your Photos Look Unique

For many of us, photos are an important part of our lives. They are a way for us to capture memories so that we can revisit them in the future, and for many people, photography is an art form or a way for them to express their creativity.

Because of this, people may want their photos to look unique. But if you don’t know where to start, this can be quite hard. However, you don’t need to worry – this post will be guiding you through a few things that can help you make your photos look unique.

Basic editing

You may immediately want to start throwing filters onto your photos, but that’s not the best idea. While filters can play a big role in making your photos look unique – which we’ll talk about soon – you need to make sure that the photo itself is properly edited before you add a filter. You may want to crop it a certain way, or adjust the lighting. In some cases, you may even want to edit the photo so that it has a transparent background.

If you do all of these things before you add a filter, the finished result will be much better.   

Add a filter

As mentioned, once you’ve done some basic editing to get the photo looking better, you can add a filter.

Depending on what you’ll be using the photo for, you can use either different filters for each photo or you can create a custom filter that looks good with all your photos. Using one filter is great if you plan on posting the photos on social media since it will give a more cohesive look. Of course, there are also other elements of a successful social media strategy.

Find your own style

If you’re just starting out with photography, you may find it easier to try and imitate a bunch of photos in different styles so that you can figure out what you prefer.

Some people like darker photos, while others may prefer light and bright ones. Similarly, some people may enjoy heavily editing their photos, and others may gravitate to a more unedited look. Of course, what you take photos of also influences your style, and this is often dependent on your lifestyle. If you live in the city, you may enjoy taking photos of people, but if you are someone who often does outdoor activities, then photos of natural scenery may be more up your alley.


Finally, the only way you will truly be able to make your photos unique will be by practicing. Every time you take photos of different things, try a new method, or edit a photo differently, you will learn new skills that will eventually help you to hone your own unique look for your photos.

Also, don’t be intimidated or think you need to best camera and software to create unique photos. A smartphone and free editing app can also help you achieve amazing results.

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