Queries About Chromebooks

5 Common Queries About Chromebooks Answered

If you are a student, or have recently purchased a Chromebook for gaming, it is likely that you did so due to its lightweight, ease of use, and its budget-friendly range.

However, don’t let the budget fool you. A Chromebook is a very powerful device, which can be useful to even the most avid gamers or the student who needs to write multiple essays and a thesis without running out of room.

When it comes to the device itself, many people have queries about what it is compatible with and the other devices that it can sync with. So, to help you out, in this article, 5 common queries relating to Chromebooks are explored, to help you decide if this is the right computer laptop for you.

Can I Use Microsoft on Chromebooks?

Yes, Chromebooks can work well with Microsoft programs. Lenovo Chromebook Laptops can sometimes come with Microsoft Office already loaded as part of their basic functions, whereas in other cases, you may be able to download Microsoft Office directly from the app store for free. So, always be sure to check whether the device has access to Microsoft products before you buy it.

What Is Gaming Like on Chromebooks?

For those who have bought their Chromebook for gaming, there are many high-resolution games available to you through this device, be they downloadable or mobile options. You can also access games through the app store.

The display on a Chromebook is 1080p, so the device is high-resolution enough for most internet games. If you want to play a more high-resolution game on the Chromebook, you will probably need to upgrade the graphics processing unit or GPU.

What Is the Storage Like on a Chromebook?

The storage on a Chromebook is vast, due in part to the fact that the device uploads and backs up all its files and programs on the cloud. However, if you want to turn off this feature, you can, and you will still have up to 100GB of storage on the higher-end machines. With this feature, there is additional storage around the 100GB amount for free, so it is well worth looking into to back up files. Plus, it offers peace of mind if your device breaks.

Can I Sync My Android Phone with My Chromebook?

Most Chromebooks are designed to sync with mobile phones, irrespective of the operating system so, yes, your Chromebook is designed to work with your Android phone. You can access and respond to messages you receive on your phone using your Chromebook, especially if you are a fan of WhatsApp and other instant messaging devices.

What Is the Deal with Offline Working with Chromebooks?

You can use offline working with Chromebooks, which means you can do everything from checking your emails offline to looking at your upcoming schedule on the Google Calendar app. You may even be able to watch Netflix offline, which is great if you want to watch a film on a train traveling long distances.

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