What Channel is the 49ers Game On?


For fans of the San Francisco 49ers, a storied franchise in the National Football League (NFL), staying updated on game broadcasts is crucial. With a rich history that includes multiple Super Bowl championships, the 49 ers have cultivated a passionate fan base eager to catch every play. This article serves as a guide to find the right channel for every 49 ers game.

Broadcasting Overview

The broadcasting of 49 ers games is subject to the NFL’s complex television coverage rules, which vary based on several factors. These include whether the game is a regular season or playoff contest, the day of the week it’s played, and whether it’s a home or away game.

Regular Season Games

National Broadcasts: Some 49 ers games are broadcast nationally on networks like NBC (Sunday Night Football), ESPN (Monday Night Football), or on the NFL Network for Thursday night games.

Regional Broadcasts: When not featured nationally, games are typically shown on either FOX or CBS, depending on whether the 49 ers are playing an NFC or AFC team, respectively.

Playoff Games

Playoff game broadcasts are generally split among the major networks (CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN) depending on contractual agreements with the NFL for that season.


Special Cases

Streaming Services: Platforms like Amazon Prime and Hulu sometimes secure rights to stream certain NFL games.

NFL Sunday Ticket: This subscription service offers access to every NFL game, regardless of the viewer’s location.


To catch the latest 49ers game, fans should first check the NFL schedule to determine the type of broadcast (national or regional). For national broadcasts, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network are the primary channels. For regional games, the channel varies between FOX and CBS, depending on the opponent. Additionally, streaming platforms and NFL Sunday Ticket offer more viewing options, ensuring fans never miss a game.


Q: How do I know if the 49ers game is on a national or regional broadcast?

A: Check the NFL’s official schedule, which indicates whether a game is nationally televised or limited to regional coverage.

Q: Can I watch 49ers games online?

A: Yes, several streaming services provide access to NFL games, including those of the 49ers, either through live TV packages or specific NFL streaming options.

Q: What channel will broadcast the 49ers playoff games?

A: Playoff game channels vary each year. Major networks like CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN typically share the broadcasting rights.

Q: Is there a way to watch all 49ers games regardless of my location?

A: NFL Sunday Ticket is a service that allows viewers to watch every NFL game, including all 49ers games, regardless of their geographical location.

Brief Description

This article provides detailed information about the broadcasting channels for San Francisco 49ers games. It covers regular season and playoff broadcasts, including national and regional telecasts, and also discusses alternative viewing options like streaming services and NFL Sunday Ticket. The goal is to ensure that fans can easily find the right channel to enjoy their favorite team’s games.

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