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Birth DayOctober 9, 1994
Birth PlacePhilippines
Birth SignLibra

Wesley So net worth is believed to be $1 million when it comes to chess. The Korean-American is one of the most well-known chess players in the world. On October 9, 1994, he was born. His earnings and spending are undisclosed, but he is often regarded as wealthy. His earnings are sufficient to allow him to purchase a fast car, take holidays, and live a lavish lifestyle. However, Wesley So’s net worth is likely to be higher.

Wesley So is a chess player from the Philippines who has a net worth of $1.45 million. He is a chess prodigy from China and the Philippines. His father is Chinese and his mother is Filipino. In February 2021, he became a permanent resident of the United States. His parents had Chinese and Filipino ancestors. He currently resides in California and is a well-known chess player.

Wesley So has made a name for himself as a chess player. In 2019, he won the Fischer Random World Championship after defeating Magnus Carlsen in the semifinals. He won the US Chess Championship in October 2020. He went on to win the Opera Euro Rapid event, defeating Carlsen and becoming the first Asian to reach 67 games. Wesley So made the majority of his fortune through competing in chess tournaments.

Wesley So has been playing chess for quite some time. He won the Fischer Random World Championship in 2019. His final encounter against Magnus Carlsen ended in a tie, and he lost to Carlsen in the final. He won the US Chess Championship and the Opera Euro Rapid in October 2020. He had a 67-game undefeated streak. Wesley So’s fortune is most likely acquired from his chess tournament victories.

Wesley So net worth is about one million dollars. As a chess player, he has gained a lot of notoriety. He has competed in a number of prestigious events, and his net worth is reflected in his accomplishments. Despite the fact that his wife was once a prodigy, she went on to become a grandmaster in the game of chess. Wesley So’s personal life is a well-guarded secret.

Wesley So net worth is established by his chess tournament achievements. He was the world’s 40th-ranked chess player in January 2015. At the age of twelve, he was named an International Master. He grew up in a Filipino-Chinese household. His parents are from the Philippines and are of Chinese ethnicity. Wesley So is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

Wesley So net worth is $1 million dollars. His chess career has increased his net worth. His winnings have enabled him to amass a sizable fortune. He became the youngest Filipino International Master in 2016. He won the US Chess Championship in February of the same year. His unbeaten streak lasted a total of 67 games. Wesley So’s fortune was mostly accumulated through chess tournaments.

Wesley So’s net worth has risen as he has established himself as one of the world’s most admired chess players. He has won multiple chess tournaments and has amassed a sizable sum of money as a result. His chess career provided the majority of his money. Wesley So’s net worth was around $800 before he started winning. His profession has progressed since then, and he now lives a comfortable existence.

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Wesley So became the first Fischer Random World Champion in 2013. After defeating Magnus Carlsen, he won the tournament. He went on to win the Sinquefield Cup for the first time, becoming the first American to do so. He won the US Chess Championship in April 2017. In February 2021, he will face Magnus Carlsen in a match. His unbeaten streak has now stretched to 67 games. Although he is still young, his earnings have enabled him to become a successful chess player.

Wesley So net worth is expanding in addition to his chess career. He has a large following throughout the world and is able to support himself by winning chess competitions. His earnings are a result of his chess accomplishments. Furthermore, his winnings have assisted him in capturing more than a dozen important trophies.

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