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Unlocking the Power of Your NanoVNA Software: Best Guide to Essential Software

NanoVNA Software:  The ubiquitous NanoVNA has become a staple in the toolbox of radio amateurs, antenna builders, and RF engineers alike. Its compact size, affordability, and surprisingly capable performance make it the perfect tool for characterizing circuits and components across the radio spectrum. However, the true power of the NanoVNA lies in its software: the bridge between the raw data points and actionable insights.

With a plethora of NanoVNA software options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This guide aims to demystify the landscape and equip you with the knowledge to select the NanoVNA software that best fits your needs.

Official Options:

NanoVNA-QT (VNA View): Developed by NanoRFE, this is the official software for the NanoVNA V2 Plus4 and VNA6000 series. It offers a user-friendly interface, real-time display of measurement data, and adjustable sweep parameters. For basic measurements and firmware updates, NanoVNA-QT is a perfect starting point.

Third-Party Powerhouses:

NanoVNA-Saver: Developed by Rune B. Broberg, this multiplatform software shines in data saving and analysis. It reads data from your NanoVNA (V1 and V2), allows splitting sweeps for higher resolution, and presents data in various formats (Smith chart, LogMag, VSWR, etc.). NanoVNA-Saver is popular for its flexibility and detailed analysis capabilities.

NanoVNA-App: Created by OneOfEleven, this Windows-based software boasts comprehensive features. It offers advanced analysis tools, marker functions, customizable frequency bands, and even scripting capabilities. For experienced users or those seeking detailed analysis, NanoVNA-App is a worthy upgrade.

nanovna software

Beyond the Basics:

LibreVNA: This open-source platform is a haven for developers and tinkerers. It offers complete control over the NanoVNA hardware and protocol, enabling custom measurements and functionality. If you’re comfortable with coding, LibreVNA unlocks boundless possibilities.

Choosing the Right Tool:

The ideal NanoVNA software depends on your experience level and needs. Here’s a quick guide:

Beginners: Start with NanoVNA-QT for its ease of use and official support.

Basic Analysis: Explore NanoVNA-Saver for its data saving and visualization features.

Advanced Users: Consider NanoVNA-App for its in-depth analysis tools and scripting capabilities.

Developers: Embrace LibreVNA for ultimate control and customization.

Remember: NanoVNA software is constantly evolving. Check developers’ websites or forums for updates and new features.


With the right NanoVNA software, your pocket-sized analyzer transforms into a versatile tool for characterizing components, designing antennas, and troubleshooting RF circuits. Explore the options, find the perfect fit, and unlock the full potential of your NanoVNA!

Bonus Tip: Many NanoVNA software programs can display measured data in the Touchstone format, allowing compatibility with simulation software like SPICE. This opens up a world of virtual experimentation and design iteration.

NanoVNA software is truly the unsung hero of the NanoVNA, transforming raw data into meaningful insights. With this guide, you’re now equipped to unleash the full potential of your NanoVNA and embark on a journey of RF discovery.


The NanoVNA’s power isn’t limited to its hardware; its true potential lies in the vast array of NanoVNA software available. From basic data visualization to advanced analysis and custom scripting, the right software unlocks possibilities you never imagined. Explore the options, find the perfect fit, and transform your NanoVNA into a versatile RF powerhouse.

FAQs (NanoVNA Software)

Q: Which NanoVNA software is best for beginners?

A: For basic use and official support, stick with NanoVNA-QT. It’s easy to use and gets the job done for simple measurements.

Q: I want to save and analyze my data in detail. What software should I use?

A: NanoVNA-Saver is your friend. It offers powerful data saving, splitting, and visualization features, perfect for in-depth analysis.

Q: I’m experienced and need advanced tools. What’s next?

A: Step up to NanoVNA-App. It boasts advanced analysis tools, scripting capabilities, and customizable features for the ultimate user experience.

Q: Can I create custom measurements with the NanoVNA?

A: Yes! Open-source LibreVNA grants you complete control over the hardware and protocol, allowing you to develop custom measurements and functionalities.

Q: How do I keep up with the latest NanoVNA software updates?

A: Regularly check developers’ websites and forums for updates and new features. Most software offers automatic update options as well.

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