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What’s So Special About Trillian Wood-Smith?

If you’re looking for a new hip-hop artist, you’ve probably heard of Trillian Wood-Smith. He is the son of rapper Busta Rhymes and a founding member of the Leaders of the New School. What’s so special about Trillian? Here’s a closer look. He’s a talented upcoming artist whose music has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Trillian Wood-Smith is an upcoming hip-hop artist

If you’re new to rap, you might not have heard of Trillian Wood-Smith. But you’ve probably heard of her father, the late rap legend Busta Rhymes. Her father is a prolific record producer and a hardcore hip-hop veteran. Regardless of the genre of music, Trillian Wood-Smith is proving that her mother’s influence on hip-hop is far from over.

Trillian Wood-Smith was born in 2001 and is the daughter of celebrated American rap star Busta Rhymes. Her father, a legendary rap artist and record producer, gave her the opportunity to start her career. Her music career has taken off since then, and she has a YouTube channel and clothing line called Popular Loner. Despite being young, Trillian Wood-Smith is already making an impact on the music industry and aims to become a top artist in the near future.

In addition to her music, Trillian has a thriving fashion label and an Instagram account with over 1.26 million followers. Her parents are a record producer and singer, and her mother runs a clothing line. Although she is still a teenager, she has already secured her place in the industry by launching a management company for artists. She has also accepted a sports scholarship at Pace University, and is likely to continue racking up big money from her career.

Despite being young, Trillian Wood-Smith has already released a couple of singles and a number of freestyle rap songs. Besides music, Trillian Wood-Smith is also famous for her father’s hip hop career. He also runs his own clothing line and hosts a popular TV show. He also leads an extravagant lifestyle, owning a blue Lamborghini worth between $200 and $500K.

Before releasing her own music, Smith was a member of the East Coast hip hop group Leaders of the New School. The group also collaborated with fellow Long Islanders, LL Cool J and Omar Epps. She later toured with Janet Jackson on her Rock Witchu tour, performing at major venues in cities such as Los Angeles, Toronto, and Kansas City. This year, she will release her first EP titled “Anarchy” and will continue to work on it.

After being involved in a divorce, Trillian Wood-Smith’s career took off. She was busy traveling, and their relationship grew strained. Eventually, she confessed to cheating on her husband, and her new lover was an arrogant Taurus who also had a soft side. Regardless of her intentions, she is now a successful hip-hop artist and a well-known name.

He is the son of rapper Busta Rhymes

According to Wikipedia, rapper Busta Rhymes is the father of four children. Three sons and one daughter were born to the rapper and his wife, Joanne Wood. In addition to his daughter Trillian, he also has a daughter, Mariah Wood Smith, born in 1998. The rapper is a Muslim, and his wife is a Christian. The rapper was born prematurely in 1992, and his second child was not until 1999.

After dropping off his youngest son at college, rapper Busta Rhymes surprised the youngster by planting a big kiss on his son’s head. The photo was posted on his Instagram account. Trillian was beaming with joy and pride. Obviously, Busta was touched by the moment. The rapper’s message was meant to inspire her as she continues to pursue her dreams.

The youngster has already become an active member of the Hip-Hop world. His father, Busta Rhymes, has been a part of the industry for almost 30 years. In the past, he has dated and been married to a number of women. He has five children and two stepchildren. He is a fan of the sport of basketball. Trillian Wood Smith is a popular figure on the social media sites.

The father of Trillian Wood Smith is a prolific American hip hop artist and record producer. The father and son are also close, and Trillian’s net worth is estimated at $50k USD. The mother of Trillian’s children is a songwriter and singer. The father’s net worth is also estimated at more than $50k. He may also want to launch his own empire in the future.

Before launching his solo career, Busta Rhymes was a member of the local hip hop group Leaders of the New School. The group was known for opening for rap legends Public Enemy. However, he broke out as a guest rapper on tracks from A Tribe Called Quest. Later, he released his solo album, The Coming, which went platinum and earned him a Grammy nomination. Since then, the rapper has released nine solo albums and a number of hit singles.

After being born, Trillian Wood Smith began rapping and creating music. Although his father is a hip hop icon, Trillian is still a college student. Her father has been a successful actor and rapper and has a long list of fans. In addition to being a hip hop artist, she has launched a fashion line called Popular Loner. As a teenager, Trillian Wood Smith has not yet released her debut album. However, she is a talented and determined young person who is working hard to make a name for herself.

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He is a founding member of the Leaders of the New School

The late 1990s brought Trillian Wood Smith to the attention of hip hop fans worldwide. The long-time musician and songwriter formed a group with fellow Long Islanders called the Leaders of the New School. The group opened for Public Enemy, and Busta Rhymes got his stage name from Chuck D. The group was also a featured artist on A Tribe Called Quest’s posse cut, “Scenario”.

Busta Rhymes, a hardcore hip hop veteran with fast, relentless rhymes, has recently sent a heartwarming message to Trillian Wood-Smith, a founding member of the New School. Busta shared an adorable father-son moment, in which he planted a solid kiss on Trillian’s forehead. “I’m very proud of you,” Busta captioned the photo on his Instagram account.

The college-educated artist has received critical acclaim in the hip-hop community. His father is a famous rapper and producer, with over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Trillian Wood-Smith also runs her own clothing line, Popular Loner. She also has a TV show and an event management service. Although she is still in high school, she has already signed a scholarship with Pace University, and is focusing on her studies.

Busta Rhymes is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and voice artist. He is best known for his innovative style of rapping and his estimated net worth is $20 million. Rhymes began his career with the hip hop group Leaders of the New School. After their 1991 debut album, “A Future Without a Past,” Rhymes’ single, “Woo Hah!!,” reached number six on the Billboard 200 chart.

Busta Rhymes is another original member of the Leaders of the New School. He founded the record label Conglomerate and the production team Flipmode Entertainment. In November 2011, Rhymes signed with Cash Money Records, but in July 2014, he announced his separation due to artistic differences. He subsequently signed with Republic Records. Busta Rhymes attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School, and graduated from Uniondale High School in 1991.

Busta Rhymes’ other daughter, Cacie Smith, is a model and fellow graduate of Quinnipiac University. Busta Rhymes’ youngest son, Miracle, is attending an HBCU, Lincoln University. The two children are still in school, and are a source of great pride and joy for their parents. So, if you’re wondering whether Busta Rhymes is gay, take a look at his biography. It’s worth the read!

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