How much is Simon Monjack Net Worth?

Simon Monjack Net Worth is $500 Thousand

Simon Monjack

Net Worth:$500 Thousand
Date of Birth:Mar 9, 1970 – May 23, 2010 (40 years old)
Profession:Screenwriter, Film director, Film Producer, Makeup Artist
Nationality:United Kingdom

Simon Monjack Net Worth: Simon Monjack was a British screenwriter-director, producer, and make-up artist, who had a net worth of $500,000 thousand. Simon Monjack died in May of 2010 at age 40, only five months following the death of his wife and the actress Brittany Murphy; both Simon and Brittany passed away from anemia and pneumonia.

Childhood: Simon Monjack was born Simon Mark Monjack on March 9 1970 located in Hillingdon, Greater London, England. He was raised within Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, with his mother Linda (a psychotherapist) along with father William and was educated in Juniper Hill School, Flackwell Heath as well as Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. When Simon was just 15 an old William was killed by a brain tumor.

Job: Monjack wrote, produced, and directed”Two days, nine lives,” his 2001 feature film “Two Days Nine Lives” and was acknowledged as an executive writer and producer for 2006’s “Factory Girl” but director George Hickenlooper said that Simon wasn’t involved in the production and that he had “filed an innocuous lawsuit against us…making false claims that we stole his script. Simon literally held us hostage and then we had to compromise with him because the film was shackled against the barrel.” In 2007 it was revealed that Monjack was to direct an adapting The White Hotel, a D. M. Thomas novel “The White Hotel” featuring Brittany Murphy in a starring role. in 2009 Simon was Brittany’s makeup stylist as well as a hairstylist in”Abandoned,” the movie “Abandoned,” which was released in August of 2010 following their deaths.

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Private Life of Simon: Simon was married to Simone Bienne from 2001 to 2006, and then he got married to Brittany Murphy in April of 2007 on the 12th of April, 2007 at the couple’s Los Angeles home (which they shared with Brittany’s mother) in an intimate Jewish ceremony. On the 20th of December 2009, Brittany fell ill in her bathroom and was unable to be revived. The doctor later determined that she died from natural causes like iron-deficiency anemia and pneumonia as well as intoxication due to the prescription and over-the-counter medications. On the day of Murphy’s death, the grieving Monjack declared, “My world was destroyed yesterday.” Simon was the co-founder of his own foundation, the Brittany Murphy Foundation, a charity that focuses on kids’ arts education as well as cancer research. He co-founded the foundation alongside Brittany’s mother Sharon following the tragic death of the star.

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The year 2005 was the first time Monjack had been charged for fraud with a credit card, however, the charges were dismissed. He was suing at $470,000 against the mortgage company Coutts and Co. after being kicked out of four homes. In 2007 Simon was detained on suspicion of having an expired visa. He was detained for nine days. the following same year his wife brought him to court to recover the money she owed him from the divorce settlement.

The death of the early part of 2010, Simon’s mom told “People” the magazine, she believed that Monjack had been “unwell” and suffered a “slight heart attack within a week after Brittany’s death when she came to Puerto Rico.” Sharon Murphy, who continued to live in the house after the death of her daughter discovered Simon unconscious on the 23rd May of 2010. He was declared dead when ambulances arrived. The cause of death for Monjack was determined to be acute pneumonia as well as severe anemia. He was laid to rest with his wife in Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

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real estate: Simon, Brittany, and Sharon resided in a 9,400 square-foot Hollywood Hills home that Brittany purchased at the request of Britney Spears in 2003 for $3.85 million in the year 2003. As Simon and Brittany passed away just a few months apart, and both from the same cause many people were wondering if the house might have been home to toxic mold which contributed to their premature deaths. Monjack was suffering from sleep apnea, seizures as well as asthma in the house, was examined for mold prior to when Murphy passed away, but the test found that there was no mold present. Although the coroner’s office stated that the deaths weren’t related to mold, the mother of Brittany, who was later diagnosed with neuropathy and breast cancer when she lived in the home in the years following, wrote, “One cause we now believe could have been the toxic mold that was later discovered in the home -which could be the reason she died.” Sharon bought the home for $2.7 million in 2011.

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