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Rick Rigsby’s Wife

If you are curious about Rick Rigsby’s wife, you’re not alone. The baseball star and former NBA player is not only well known for his success as a player but also for his wife Trina Williams, who is the son of legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Many fans are interested in learning more about Trina, including her net worth, career, and first marriage. You can read about this remarkable woman below.

Trina Williams

Rick Rigsby’s wife Triba Williams was born in Kansas. He met her at a dance, and she gave him her number. Soon after, the two started dating. Trina and Rick fell in love, married, and have two children. Rick was a reporter for the Chicago Cubs and Trina was a delivery nurse. The two had two sons. Triba died of breast cancer in 1996.

Before his wife and kids moved to Texas, Rick Rigsby completed his education at Texas A&M University. He then moved to Dallas to expand his business. He now gives motivational speeches and corporate counseling to various organizations, including churches, sports teams, and public schools. Recently, Rick Rigsby gave a commencement speech at the California State Maritime Academy. Since then, Rigsby has received thousands of phone calls and emails. In addition to his business, Rigsby also founded an organization called Impact Family Ministeries.

Rick Rigsby has three degrees. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from CSU, Chico, and Master of Arts at Texas A&M. He later earned a PhD in rhetorical communication at the University of Oregon. After getting his doctorate, he became a motivational speaker and offered million-dollar coaching classes. In 2000, he was recognized as an outstanding alumnus of CSU-Chico. In addition, he served as a chaplain and character coach for the Aggies football team.

Rick Rigsby was born in San Francisco and graduated from CSU-Chico in 1987. His education continued as he completed his Master’s degree in public communication at the University of Oregon and his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon. He currently resides with his second wife, Janet Butcher, in Dallas. His first marriage to Trina Williams produced two sons, and the couple is currently married to Janet Butcher in Dallas, Texas.


The couple lived a happy life in Texas. Trina Williams, Rick’s first wife, died in 1996 from breast cancer. He remarried in 1998 and the couple had two children. The couple has no other information about their family. Rick and Trina met while he was attending Chico State University, where she was a nursing student. After their first date, Rick asked Trina for her number. She gave it to him.

After graduating from California State University, Rick Rigsby received his bachelor’s degree in mass communications and later went on to earn his master’s degree in public relations. After a two-year stint as a television reporter at KHSL-TV in Chico, Rick Rigsby joined Texas A&M University and began teaching in the College of Liberal Arts. His career in academia grew as he continued to lecture and published widely, including in the field of speech communication.

As an undergraduate, Rick Rigsby earned a degree in mass communications from California State University, Chico, in 1978. He later went on to pursue a Ph.D. in rhetoric from the University of Oregon. He also worked as an anchor at Chico, California, CBS affiliate station KHSL-TV. Afterward, he was a lecturer at Texas A&M University for fourteen years. Rick is of Afro-American descent.

In addition to being a business owner, Rick Rigsby’s career focuses on motivational speaking and corporate teaching. He speaks at countless sporting events and corporate events and coaches students in both public and private sectors. The couple also founded Impact Family Ministries, a charity focusing on children. The Rigsby family is currently living in Dallas, Texas. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and country music.

Net worth

Rick Rigsby and his wife have a combined net worth of $3 million. He is a well-known motivational speaker who was installed as an Elder and Associate Pastor of Radiant Life Church on January 26, 2014. He has also founded his own organization, Rick Rigsby Ministries, and has spoken in a variety of capacities for many different church groups and professional sports organizations. To date, he is still a very active person in the community, and he and his wife are a couple of the wealthiest people in their respective fields.

Rigsby married Janet Butcher in 1998. The couple has two children. Their primary source of income is their career as motivational speakers. In 1998, Rick Rigsby joined Texas A&M University as an Assistant Professor and received the College of Liberal Arts’ Outstanding Teaching Award. He is also a frequent speaker at schools and motivational events across the country. His net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million, according to several sources.

In addition to his career, Rick Rigsby’s personal life has also been well-kept out of the spotlight. His wife, Trina, was a nurse and died of breast cancer in 1996. Their children include two daughters and one son. As of 2017, Rigsby and his wife’s net worth are not disclosed. They live in San Francisco and promote his work on social media. In addition, Rigsby has an internet store.

Rigsby’s net worth is unknown, but he is an award-winning journalist and an author. He is also an inspirational speaker and preacher. His motivational speeches have inspired and empowered thousands of people around the world. His wife is also a published author. Their net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million. If she’s married to Rigsby, it’s likely that their net worth is the same.

First marriage

Rick Rigsby’s first wife was a nurse named Trina Williams. They married after she died of breast cancer in 1996. They had two sons together. Rigsby has said that he grew up with his father in San Francisco, and he was inspired by him to live life to the fullest. However, Rigsby hasn’t revealed any more details about his family.

As a young man, Rigsby aspired to be a disc jockey. His interest in broadcasting led him to seek an internship with a local television station. The internship was part of affirmative action because he was a black man in the 1970s. His boss was very encouraging of his ambitions and encouraged him to make a difference. He used to practice speaking to audiences before broadcasts, and he even went so far as to pretend to be talking to his mother during broadcasts. Eventually, Rigsby realized that listening is more important than speaking.

Despite the failure of his first marriage, Rick Rigsby continues to lead a stable life. Despite his early struggles, he remains dedicated to his business, his family, and his children. His net worth is believed to be around $3 million. He is also a motivational speaker. On January 26, 2014, he was installed as the Elder and Associate Pastor of the Radiant Life Church in McKinley, Texas. Besides his personal work, Rick Rigsby has his own ministry called Rick Rigsby Ministries. This non-profit organization allows Rigsby to speak in churches and professional sports organizations.

Rick Rigsby is now living happily in Texas. He was divorced after his wife died. Rigsby met Trina Williams in college, where she was studying nursing at Feather River Hospital. She later died of cancer. However, Rigsby is now married again and lives happily in Texas. However, he hasn’t forgotten his first wife. However, his marriage to Trina Williams ended in a divorce.

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Death of wife

After marrying his college sweetheart Trina Williams, Rick Rigsby’s first marriage was a disaster. She died in 1996 of breast cancer. She was the only person Rigsby ever had a real phone number from. The death of Rigsby’s first wife left him feeling lost and depressed. After her death, Rick Rigsby married Janet Butcher, a nurse who fought breast cancer for six years. Despite this loss, Rigsby has continued to enjoy life and have two sons.

The death of Rigsby’s first wife, Sarah, comes as a complete shock. The police suspect that Rigsby is still with Sarah, but she is not. The murder victim’s sister is present when Rigsby visits the scene of the crime. After Rigsby reveals to Sarah that he has moved on with his life, she shoots him in the chest with her own gun. In addition, Rigsby decides to retire from military service because of his guilt.

Although Rigsby has made a successful career in media and social networking, his wife’s illness was devastating. Although Rick is a prominent country music artist and social media personality, his personal life is an interesting one. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from California State University, a master’s degree in public communication from the University of Oregon, and a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. He is of African-American descent, and his father taught him all about life.

In the 1980s, Rigsby worked as an assistant professor at Texas A&M University. After working for 14 years at Texas A&M, he started his own business. He gave motivational speeches and offered million-dollar coaching classes. In 2000, CSU-Chico recognized Rigsby as an alumnus. He also worked at KHSL-TV as a reporter and won numerous journalism awards.

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