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Richard Wershe Net Worth

Richard Wershe is a former drug dealer and an FBI informant. Richard Wershe net worth is approximately $500k. He earned quite a bit of money from being an informant, and you can learn more about his background in this article. While he grew up in a lower middle class family, he was arrested when he was just five years old for a series of crimes. When his parents were released, Wershe began to sell drugs.

Richard Wershe Sr. was an FBI informant

A former FBI informant, Richard Wershe Sr., has filed a federal lawsuit against the FBI. In his lawsuit, he says that police used his father’s name to coerce him into becoming an informant at the age of 14. He says the police abused him, and used his father’s name in the police files to hide his relationship with the teen. The FBI told him to cooperate, and he did, and helped build more cases than any other informant.

Wershe grew up in a rough neighborhood in Detroit, in the 1970s. At 14, he ingratiated himself into the entourage of Johnny “Little Man” Curry, a powerful drug lord in the city’s decaying east side. By the time he was 17, he bypassed Curry, and began importing cocaine from Miami suppliers. His relationship with Curry grew over time, and he and his wife began a relationship.

Richard Wershe Jr. is a former drug dealer

After he was shot, Richard Wershe Jr. made friends with the Curry Gang and began selling drugs on the streets. He learned the tricks of the trade from the Curry brothers and received money from the FBI to buy cocaine. At age 15, he began to draw suspicion. But he remained undeterred. He got out of jail after serving time in prison. In a new book, he tells the story of his experiences.

Wershe became involved in the Detroit drug underworld when he was only 14 years old. In 1987, the FBI approached him and asked him to become an informant. He had a network of contacts and knew his neighborhood well. For years, he worked with the FBI before being released. But he was told his services were no longer needed and resumed selling drugs on his own. He served more than three decades in prison.

Wershe earned a lot as an FBI informant

In 1987, when Wershe was only 17 years old, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for cocaine possession. Throughout his prison term, he became a model prisoner. Recently, he was released from prison after nearly three decades. After years of appeals by his attorney, he was paroled in Michigan. His story is a testament to the power of law enforcement.

Wershe’s story is told in the true crime documentary “White Boy Rick” and the 2018 movie “White Boy Rick.” His father, Richard Wershe, had previously provided information to law enforcement. The FBI asked his father for help in catching a drug kingpin. His father had a background in arms and street hustler activities and knew little about the drug scene in the neighborhood. In 1984, his father was approached by the FBI and met with an agent at a McDonald’s. He explained to the agent that his son could identify people from photos based on gossip from his neighborhood.

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