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What Is NerdECrafter Real name?

NerdECrafter Real name? The YouTuber is primarily known as NerdECrafter. She is a Canadian and belongs to the Millennial generation. She is a Capricorn (a sign in the Zodiac), and she focuses on crafting with resin, polymer clay, felt, soap, and other materials. In her videos, she often shares her creations with fans. Her real name is Leanne-Anne St-Pierre.


If you’re wondering whether SaltEcrafter is a real person, you’re in luck. The nerdy YouTube star has an entire series devoted to Minecraft. The channel has been growing and gaining popularity for years. In 2015, she has crowned the nerdiest person on the internet. This is due to the fact that she shares her passion for Minecraft with a global audience.

NerdECrafter, or Jackie as she is known online, is a popular Canadian YouTuber. She uses polymer clay, but she has experimented with other materials as well. She has multiple series where she interacts with her fans through polls, in-depth reviews, and information cards. In one of her videos, she says she’s married, but she doesn’t have a ring. It turns out she’s allergic to metals.

NerdECrafter’s alter ego

The alter ego of the famous crafter, NerdECrafter, is Jackie. She is a soap maker and a crafter who tests out kids’ crafts and mobile games. She has several popular YouTube series and engages with her fans via info card polls. Her most popular video is “CUTTING IT ALL OFF: Shaving my Sister’s Hair!”

Alter egos

There are many ways to describe your alter ego. For instance, you can refer to a fictional character as your alter ego. Or, you could even describe yourself as an imaginary person. Whatever the case, an alter ego is an important part of the nerdcrafter’s personality. Then again, you could also use the term “alter ego” to describe a real person.


A Canadian YouTube Star, NerdECrafter was born on December 21, 1986. He is famous for his DIY channel, NerdyCraftsies. His main materials used in his DIY creations are polymer clay, resin, felt, soap, and more. He is now 35 years old and has over NA+ followers. He has been a part of several commercial brands. It is unclear whether his popularity will increase or decline over the years.

He has a younger sister and two brothers. His net worth is estimated at $2 million. Nerdecrafter shares photos and videos on Twitter and has more than 17k followers on Instagram. He also has a Facebook page and an instagram account. He is active on many social networks and has a wiki. The following are some of his other sources of income. A recent article in NerdECrafter.com discusses his favorite games and crafts.


The eponymous YouTube Start NerdECrafter was born in Canada on 21 December 1986. His family has moved to Canada when he was young. He is 33 years old, stands at 1.68 meters and weighs 65 kg. He has dark shading hair and black eyes. He prefers morning workouts and a balanced diet plan given by his fitness instructor. We can easily find out how much weight Nerdecrafter can hold with his lean frame.

The NerdECrafter has a height of 1.68 m, and weighs 65 kg. He has Black hair and Hazel brown eyes. The average person born on December 21 is a Capricorn, making him a perfect match for the YouTube star’s zodiac sign. Despite his youth, the nerdcrafter has achieved success in the YouTube community. A few other interesting facts about NerdECrafter’s weight and height:

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The relationship between Nerdecrafter’s real name and YouTube handle is unclear. While the username is the same, the real name is different. However, there are some relationships between Nerdecrafter and other people. NerdECrafter has a few hobbies, including vlogging, podcasting, and Q&A content. In fact, one of her most popular videos is a vlog in which she shaves her sister’s head. The YouTuber has also made waves with her videos on TikTok, where she has hundreds of thousands of fans.

NerdECrafter was born in 1986. She began her YouTube career by posting DIY videos on her eponymous account. Her videos are extremely popular, attracting over NA+ subscribers. While her real name is unknown, she has collaborated with many commercial brands and has a sister who has appeared in many of her videos. She also grew up in Chateauguay.

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