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Larry and Julie Fortensky

A gruesomely tragic story is the one of Larry and Julie Fortensky, the seventh and eighth husbands of actress Elizabeth Taylor. Larry was a construction worker and struggled with drugs and alcohol. He was married to the actress eight times and suffered from short-term memory loss. The tragic tales of these two couples are a fascinating study of human nature. Larry Fortensky suffered from short-term memory loss and is said to have died as a result of a substance abuse addiction.

Larry Fortensky was a construction worker

In 2002, Larry Fortensky purchased a three-bedroom house in Temecula, California. After his divorce, he remained friendly with Taylor, who gave him $50,000 to pay off the mortgage. The house fell in value and was repossessed in 2010. In 1999, Fortensky suffered a near-death experience and spent six weeks in a coma. He also had short-term memory loss and was depressed due to the death of his beloved pet dog.

After his divorce from his first wife, Fortensky married Priscilla Torres, who was a model and fashion designer. They had a daughter named Julie. The couple divorced in 1974. In later years, Fortensky continued to work in construction and rehab. He also donated money to various charities. However, he was unable to maintain his net worth and lived with his step-sister Donna.

Despite his long hours and low pay, Larry loved his profession. Although he did not receive much money, he claimed he loved working, and enjoyed dirt, mountains, and large construction equipment. His wife also enjoyed his company and continued to work with him, even though his marriage ended in divorce. It is unclear if Larry Fortensky had a drinking problem or other substance problems.

He struggled with drugs and alcohol

Fortensky was no stranger to drugs and alcohol addiction. She was once arrested for driving under the influence in California. She later confessed to having a problem, and she checked into the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. There, she met Taylor, who was also there for pill problems. The two became good friends. However, the problems did not end there. Fortensky’s drug addiction was a serious issue.

Despite her struggles, Fortensky and Taylor married in 1991. The couple reportedly had 160 guests at the wedding, including Michael Jackson, who served as the escort. They even had their hairdresser serve as best man. The couple also donated all of the proceeds from wedding photographs to various AIDS charities. Fortensky continued to struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction after her marriage, but she did not give up hope.

He was married to actress Elizabeth Taylor eight times

Actor Richard Burton is well-known for his many marriages. In 1954, he married the actress Liz Taylor, 20 years her senior. The two had first met while working on the set of the film Cleopatra. Afterwards, they began an affair and later married in Montreal. Their second marriage failed in 1983 and the couple separated in 1992. Elizabeth Taylor was a world famous actress of the 60s who had appeared in many movies including Lassie, Father of the Bride, National Velvet, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Cleopatra.

While Elizabeth Taylor has been married eight times, some are more notable than others. The actress was married to seven men before she married Richard Burton. Her first marriage, to actor Conrad Hilton, lasted for less than a year. She later married the same man a second time, but the relationship ended badly after the divorce. She also suffered from many health conditions and acquired a huge collection of jewelry. Ultimately, the actress died of congestive heart failure in 2011 at the age of 77.

While in the Senate, Taylor was lonely and missed her husband. Her sixth marriage, to Republican politician John Warner, lasted only five months. In the interim, they adopted another child. Although their divorce was amicable, their relationship became a major cause of Taylor’s downfall. She later became depressed in Washington, D.C., and began taking prescription drugs and alcohol. They divorced in 1982.

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He suffered from short-term memory loss

It was no secret that Fortensky’s marriage to Larry Fortensky, the husband of Elizabeth Taylor, had been marred by short-term memory loss. After a fall, the couple moved to Menifee, California, where they had a daughter named Lucy. Sadly, Fortensky died on July 7, 2016, of complications resulting from skin cancer surgery. As a result, she was unable to work.

Liz Fortensky, the seventh husband of Elizabeth Taylor, had been married to Fortensky for only five years. Fortensky was born in California and dropped out of school in his early twenties. He then enlisted in the US military and was discharged three months later. He then took a job as a construction worker. After two failed marriages, Fortensky suffered from short-term memory loss and began sleeping in separate rooms. In addition to a deteriorating state of memory, Fortensky was also prone to anger outbursts and was unable to remember things that happened the previous night. She would often lock herself in the bathroom to avoid Fortensky’s angry outbursts.

He donated money from selling wedding photos to AIDS charities

The couple’s 1991 wedding was attended by the likes of Liza Minnelli, Eddie Murphy, and Nancy Reagan. The couple’s wedding photos were so popular that they even donated money to AIDS charities from the sale of their wedding photos. The couple donated money from the sale of their wedding photos to AIDS charities. In fact, the couple gave money to AIDS charities while they were still married.

The couple was married for five years until Fortensky and Elizabeth Taylor split in 1996. According to his sister, Fortensky was unhappy with being called “Mr. Elizabeth Taylor,” which he found embarrassing. However, the two remained in touch. Fortensky died in Fontana, California, on July 7, 2016. She was buried at Fontana Cemetery in September 1997, and the ashes were spread in the town where the couple met.

Fortensky and Taylor married on October 6, 1991. The couple had no children together, and he died of skin cancer in 2011. Elizabeth Fortensky donated money from selling wedding photos to AIDS charities. He was also a successful businessman. In addition to his celebrity marriage, Fortensky was a step-sister of actress Donna Lacy. Their marriage was famous for its many scandals, and it was also the source of much of Fortensky’s fame.

He is on life support

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