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Janet Harmon Dorsett

Janet Harmon Dorsett, a Hall of Famer and wife of Jazmyn Dorsett, is a sleep apnea expert. She has helped over 150 former football players overcome the problem. In fact, she has helped two daughters play in the Super Bowls. Her two daughters, Jazmyn Dorsett, are also sleep apnea sufferers.

Jazmyn Dorsett played in two Super Bowls

Football players are often asked to describe their favorite players, but a football player like Jazmyn Dorsett is unique in that she can do it in more than one way. In the NFL, Dorsett has played in two Super Bowls and is a former All-State selection. The Vikings’ star runner accumulated over 16,000 yards and scored 77 touchdowns. She also played basketball, where she helped the Vikings reach the WPIAL quarterfinals. On the field, Dorsett set several records, including a single-game rushing record of 247 yards against Sharon. She also surpassed the single-season rushing record of 1,238 yards and was a key player on the defensive line as a starting linebacker.

She scored touchdowns in both playoff games in 1980 and 1982, scoring a receiving touchdown in the wild-card game and another on the ground in the conference championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles. In 1981, Dorsett had a TD on her first career touchdown against the Eagles in a 20-7 victory. In 1982, she scored her first Super Bowl touchdown and went on to score the winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIII.

Janet Harmon Dorsett has two daughters

Janet Harmon Dorsett is the third wife of NFL player Anthony Dorsett. The couple met when they were in high school and married in 2000. Together, they have two daughters, Mia and Madison. Janet Harmon Dorsett and Anthony live in Frisco, Texas. Anthony was previously married to another woman named Karen Casterlowin. The couple also have two daughters from previous relationships. Janet and Anthony are raising their daughters in Frisco.

Tony Dorsett has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He played in the NFL for 11 sessions before marrying Janet Harmon in 2000. Janet Harmon and Tony Dorsett have two daughters together. Their children are Janet Harmon and Anthony. Janet Harmon Dorsett is known by a variety of nicknames. Her daughters call her Janet. While Anthony is retired from football, Janet is active in her art community. She is a member of the LIFEWTR Art After Dark.

She has helped over 150 former football players overcome sleep apnea

Professional athletes have found relief from the sleep disorder by seeking treatment for Sleep Apnea. Several former players, including Tony Dorsett, Derek Kennard, and Eric Dickerson, have undergone the treatment. The Pro Player Health Alliance, founded by David Ross, uses the testimonials and talents of retired players to spread awareness of the disorder. Some of the players who have benefited from this treatment include Tony Dorsett, Derek Kennard, Mark Walczak, and Roy Green.

The health risks associated with sleep apnea are known to be significant for professional athletes. A large proportion of NFL players, including linemen, have it. The disease has a negative impact on performance. In fact, it has been linked to many health problems, including obesity. In fact, some former players have even suffered from severe migraine headaches and other complications of their condition.

She is a Hall of Famer

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She was a role model for the gay community

Janet harmon Dorsett is a Hall of Fame actress. She married NFL star Anthony Dorsett in 2000. They have two daughters together. Janet and Anthony live in Frisco, Texas. She was the first female NFL player to marry a man she had been dating for four years. In addition to her marriage to Dorsett, Janet also has two children from previous relationships.

Janet Dorsett’s life was filled with success and a strong faith in her own sexuality. She was a role model for the gay community. Her children considered her a role model. They were proud of her and their relationship. Her sons followed her in all ways. Besides her career, Janet also gave birth to three children. Two of them are athletes. The other two are working professionals.

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