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How Tall Is Daequan Cook?

How tall is Daequan Cook? This is a question that is asked by fans and sports lovers. The Miami Heat player stands at six feet and one inch tall, which makes him 168 centimetres. His height also comes with the weight of 74 kilograms. Further details on Daequan’s height, weight, and family will be updated as they become available. However, as of 2021, his height is unknown, so we’re not sure what he weighs.

6 feet 1 inch

The NBA star Daequan Loco is 6 feet 1 inch tall. Daequan was born on April 28, 1987 in Florida. He is the tallest member of the Miami Heat. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs about 95 pounds. He lives with his teammates, Hamlinz and Myth, and is currently dating actress Exie. His height makes him extremely impressive considering his young age.

168 centimetres

Daequan is six feet and one inch tall, which is the average height for an eSports player. He was once dating fellow NRG member Exie, and has not posted much on social media since. Daequan’s net worth is estimated at $600 thousand, and he weighs 163 pounds. Daequan’s height, weight, and shoe size have been sourced from various sources, including official websites, newspaper articles, and social media.

74 kilograms

The height and weight of Daequan Loco are both quite impressive. He stands at six feet one inch and 168 centimetres. In addition to his height, Daequan also commands a large fan base on social media. He used to date fellow NRG member Exie but recently stopped posting to her account. Daequan has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand.

Miami Heat basketball player

Daequan Cook is an American professional basketball player. He last played for the Israeli Premier League’s Ironi Nes Ziona. He was drafted 21st overall by the Philadelphia 76ers and later traded to the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat have expressed interest in signing Cook. Daequan averaged 6.4 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 0.7 assists in 328 NBA games.

Fortnite player

The eSports superstar has a diverse following. He has posted impersonations of his teammates and other Fortnite players, and he has also analyzed recent updates to the game. Daequan, whose real name is Daequan, is known for his incredibly high kill totals, which are second only to NICKMERCS and NioiLy’s 46. Daequan lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Exie, who helps him prepare content for his Fortnite channel. He is a devoted Fortnite player and enjoys playing in the early morning hours.


Despite his growing YouTube popularity, Daequan is more than a one-trick pony. Prior to his success as a Fortnite streamer and YouTuber, Daequan was an elite Smite player. He also played the Asian MMORPG Black Desert Online and H1Z1 before discovering Fortnite. Since his first discovery of the game, Daequan has developed a dedicated Fortnite channel and started live-streaming his games on Twitch and Instagram.

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Social media influencer

If you’re looking for a new way to promote your brand on social media, you can connect with Daequan Loco. This YouTube star has millions of subscribers and a following on Instagram and Twitch. If you’re wondering why you should connect with him, read on for more information. Daequan is a social media influencer who is a male from the United Kingdom. He likes to watch television, check out the latest trends, and watch YouTube videos. His content helps businesses reach a new audience and get them to buy their products.

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